Say Goodbye to Night Sweats with Chili Technology

Say Goodbye to Night Sweats with Chili Technology

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A good night’s sleep is important for everyone—but especially for women going through menopause. According to Sleep Foundation, up to 61 percent of women reported dramatic sleep changes such as insomnia when going through this phase of life, and as you can imagine this negatively impacts the overall energy one has throughout their day-to-day. They share that your average sleep time may not change, but the quality of sleep definitely does. Finding solutions to enhance the quality of everyday life, even when facing inevitable changes such as this, is an important factor Chili Technology has considered and hopes to help with.

Chili founders, Todd and Tara Youngblood are a couple that had drastically different sleeping experiences so they wanted to create a product that assisted them both in their ideal sleeping needs. Since Todd slept hot and Tara preferred to cuddle up in blankets, they sought out to create state-of-the-art technology-driven products to ensure both had the perfect night’s sleep. That’s how the idea of Chili was created, specifically made to prevent issues like night sweats and provide the best night’s sleep possible, whether it’s just for you or you and a partner.

Tara used her background and interest in science to attempt to find the solution for a better night’s sleep. She spent countless hours researching and came up with the conclusion: temperature control. She learned that the VLPO neurons we all have essentially created a sleep switch in your brain and they’re triggered by temperature.

Todd’s background in sales and product development made this the perfect pairing, especially since his uncle invented the waterbed, so his interest in sleep and comfort quality quite literally ran in his DNA. So together they came up with advanced technology temperature-controlled products that center around creating a better quality of sleep (and therefore a better quality of life).

According to, having a truly good night’s sleep can in fact change and improve your everyday life. The right amount of sleep paired with a better quality of sleep can help with maintaining weight, lower the chances of potential health issues, and improve your overall mood allowing you to get through each day just a little easier. Chili products can assist you in getting that better quality of sleep we all need but don’t often get.

Say Goodbye to Night Sweats with Chili Technology

The Products

Chili offers a handful of products that can better help you, from the chiliBLANKET to the OOLER. If you’re unsure where to begin, their website has a quick quiz you can take to help you figure out which item out of their line could be best for you. For example, it will ask you how you normally sleep, like whether or not you use a fan or keep the AC on, or whether you like white noise in the background, and how hands-on you like to be with new technology. So if you’re someone who normally sleeps with the fan on and you love to have the humming it creates in the background, the Chili Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh™ would be a good starting item for you!



The chiliBLANKET is a hydro-powered (water-powered) weighted blanket that not only offers the stress-relieving and comforting benefits of the standard weighted blanket but can also cool you down with the use of built-in cooling water channels. The poly-blend, square knit fleece blanket is 20 pounds with insulated tubing with a clamshell connection. Now you can relax under the weight of premium glass beads without the worry of sweating too much overnight.

Other features include:

  • Low EMF (compared to electric heating blankets)
  • Removable cover for easy machine washing
  • Pre-set water temperature circulates inside the blanket for a customized experience

Chili Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh™ 

Chili Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh

This customizable sleep pad comes with a thermal regulating control unit and a remote to adjust the bed temperature. This too uses hydro-power technology in creating the perfect night’s sleep. The unit can hold up to 13 ounces of water and has an auto shut off feature when the water is running low. It also comes with an EMF-free remote with only three buttons so it’s easy to use and complication-free.

Youtube couple AM2PM from Phoenix, Arizona reviewed the chiliPAD and said straight out of the box it was easy to set up. They share it comes with security straps to ensure it doesn’t slip and slide around the bed. They found it to be the perfect solution for hot summer nights and were happy with the results—especially compared to other sleep systems they’ve tried in the past.

OOLER Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh™

OOLER Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh

The OOLER is an even more advanced hydro-powered system that has adjustable noise options, a blue light blocking lens with auto-dim display, and even auto cleans itself with the use of UV light. This option is remote-free and comes with an app where you can set up specific sleep schedules and even a warm awake feature that’s meant to be an alarm clock replacement so that you can ease into waking up without the oftentimes jarring and startling ring of a timer. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Chili even offers a 90-day sleep trial so you have the chance at finding the best product for you to meet your specific needs. They also offer free shipping and include a two-year warranty. We hope that Chili can help bring you the quality sleep you deserve!

Tame night sweats with the Chili Blanket


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