Germs Calling: Your Dirty Smartphone Could be Making You Sick

With flu season in full swing, you’re savvy in flu prevention i.e., frequent handwashing, plenty of rest, flu shot, and taking vitamin C. And yet, one of the greatest offenders may be in your hand at this very moment: your mobile phone.

Articles from The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine warn of the perils of a dirty smartphone. Surely, yours can’t possibly be THAT dirty, right?

Ever dig for your ringing phone in the bottom of your purse around all that lose change and the pen you just mistakenly took from the clerk? Or, keep talking on the phone during your bathroom break, lay it on the yoga mat, or hand it to a co-worker to check out photos?

And according to research, what that hotel TV remote and your cellphone have in common is germs, and lots of them.

On top of that, we are touching our phones around 47 times a day!

So, how do we keep such common illnesses such as the flu, pink eye, and diarrhea at bay? It’s time to come clean using these 2 easy tips for a healthier smartphone and healthier you.

1. Limit phone use to outside the bathroom.

It’s too easy to sit it on the counter, drop on the floor or be held in your hands while flushing and opening doors.

2. Clean often.

Depending on the method, your dirty smartphone can be cleaned several times a week and there are several convenient options.

Wipes: While wipes are fine for cases, most contain alcohol which can damage screens, so use caution. Experts at Shape Magazine recommend using a peroxide based wipe. Lightly go over the screen, then dry with a micro fiber cloth. Again, USE CAUTION. Do not overly dampen the screen.

60/40 solution of water to alcohol: Use a microfiber cloth very lightly sprayed with a 60/40 solution of water to alohol. Again, do not wet, and microfiber dry.

A total cleaning total system: Try Bausch and Lomb’s Clens, a smartphone cleaning system recommended by Apple. Clens cleaning system can be bought online.

The latest in technology: The PhoneSoap 2.0 utilizes UV-C light to kill bacteria in only 10 minutes. Not only will PhoneSoap 2.0 clean your phone, it can also clean keys, credit cards, your watch, or anything small enough to fit into the unit.

For more on your smartphone and your health, check out: Ways Your Smartphone Can Wreck Your Health

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