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Brain Health: Beauty As We Age


We used to think that 70 is so old, one foot in the grave.  I would not think of someone like Meryl Streep, who is 70, or Christie Brinkley who is 66, or Oprah who is 66.  These ladies are so full of life and continue to bring joy to the world around them.  Where does that beauty come from, could you believe its brain health?


Brain exercise

When many of us think of beauty, we think of vibrancy, youth, health, and connection.  I’m here to tell you that your brain, and how you care for it, affects how we see the world and how the world sees us. After suffering two ICU brain injuries, one that caused me to lose my sense of smell, I found a way to bring myself back to a fully functional level and realized that our brain health has authority over our choices, joy, and success that can impact our life significantly- including our beauty.

Here are 4 things you could do to increase your attractiveness to everyone you meet.

1. Active Body, Active Brain

When you work out your body, you work out your brain. Not only do you have a healthier and firmer body to present to the world, but studies have shown us again and again that physical activity is a promising strategy that influences the brain to enhance cognitive and emotional function – which means you can engage with everyone you meet in the best possible way with the best possible outcome!

2. Eat Sleep Think


By eating right, you are doing your body and your brain a favor. Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be obtained from dietary fish, have a positive impact on your cognitive processes and emotions – fancy words for someone who is engaging, happy and fun to be around. Nobody wants a dullard or complainer, and everyone loves a positive and interesting person. Just make sure you give yourself a rest when all those offers of getting together roll around because rest allows for circulation and getting the proper nutrients and oxygen to your brain for optimum energy metabolism.

3. Get Artsy

Whether its a green thumb, music, painting, visual arts or writing, sewing, or dancing…the list is endless. There are so many options to stimulate the mind in unique, creative ways that help with abstract thinking.  Tap into that passion you have for whatever. You’ll enjoy yourself more, meet new people and be fun to be around. Passion is attractive and whatever you are passionate about will enhance your attractiveness to everyone you meet. Click here to read more about finding your passion.

4. Speak Positivity


Talk about others and yourself in a positive light. Yes, there are challenges as we age. Yes, there are many things we can’t control or change. But each of us has a choice to focus on what we do have and what we enjoy.  From a television show, a song, a book or a beautiful day – we have a choice as to what comes out of our mouth. Be a positive light in the world, and you will find that light shining for you when you least expect it.

We all are given the same 24 hours, but how we choose to spend those are up to us. I could give you $24 and you would be able to spend it on what you want and what makes you happy. Time is the very same thing. How you spend it and where you spend it is up to you- including who you spend it with.   At the end of the day, good brain health makes for a life of beauty.

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