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Hair to Shine

Recently, I received an email from my Ask the Expert page inquiring as to why hair loses its luster after coloring it for a few years.

There are several reasons for this:

First, when a woman starts coloring her hair, it was most probably for the nuisance of a few grays or for the mere fact that a girl always feels better when there’s a little lightness around their face.

Fragment of woman's head coloring

Over time, several things probably happened: those few grays multiplied and the colorist got heavier-handed with the lightness to try to cover the unforeseen disaster brewing.

To cover those grays, the chemicals that the colorist used most likely grew in intensity and what used to be a demi-permanent formula, somewhere along the way, was changed to the big guns of permanent color.

So here’s the answer, ladies…

Pay more for your single process and ask if your colorist uses Inoa, the advanced technology of an ammonia-free permanent hair color with oil. Yes, that’s right, an oil delivery system. This will give you back the hair of your youth.

In the cost of everything we spend, Inoa is about $25 more but its results over extended use are amazing!  And, yes, your hair will look and feel younger.

Adult woman washing head


  • Always make sure your single process goes into the roots only.
  • At the end of your 35-minute timing, dampen hair slightly and refresh ends only for a minute or two.
  • Take home an after-color shampoo and conditioner. Ours are available on paullabrecque.com. Just click on shop Paul Labrecque Hair Care and you can purchase our entire Color Care line that will keep oxidation to a minimum.
  • Always end in a cool rinse. This will seal your hairs’ cuticle layer.
  • Remember keep heat to a minimum and only use Boar Bristle Brushes (also available online) as a way of smoothing your hair while penetrating your own body’s oils into your hair shaft.

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember its never a wrong time to start better taking care of your Hair!

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