Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

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Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

cope with uncertainty hero
Personal Growth

How Do We Cope with Uncertainty?

As we are being “sheltered in place” across the country, I am getting a number of calls from clients and members of my Great Girls Network about w... Read More
behind i'm too old excuse
Personal Growth

You’re Not Too Old: Don’t Let Age Hold You Back

There are plenty of excuses that show up throughout our lives and threaten to keep us from doing and accomplishing all of the amazing things we wish w... Read More
Personal Growth

Oh, I Could Never Drive That!

The head start that I’d planned for — arriving in Atlanta early so I could get out of the city before Friday rush hour traffic — had evaporated ... Read More
achieving goals
Personal Growth

Achieving Goals is All About The Plan. What’s Yours?

New year, new decade, new you! Really? By this time almost everyone has given up on their New Year's resolutions. What are the top three things that w... Read More
stop trying so hard
Personal Growth

It’s Time to Stop Trying So Hard!

Part of the Women Over 50 — What Really Works? Series When I talk with my friends about this series of articles, sometimes they give me great i... Read More
Personal Growth

Rediscovering Myself as a 50 Year Old Burlesque Dancer

Ever since I first watched the film Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera, I was quite fascinated with this style of dance. There was something i... Read More
young at heart
Personal Growth

Grow Older, Be Younger

Although I don’t mind becoming older, I mind being old. I want to stay young at heart and keep a vivacious spirit. I'm not alone in this. In a recen... Read More
Prime of Life: When is it?
Personal Growth

Myth Busters #2 – The Prime of Our Life Is Not Behind Us

Have you ever truly stopped to think about when is the prime of life? To wonder if the best years of life are behind you or yet to come. We have all h... Read More
overcome fear
Personal Growth

Stop Letting Fear Rule Your Life

Part of the Women Over 50 — What Really Works? Series What gets in the way of us being able to forge ahead and stay on purpose? Why do we someti... Read More
turning 60
Personal Growth

Turning 60 – Problem or Privilege?

Well, of course, turning 60 is a privilege — anyone who was not given the chance to grow old would attest to that. But still, the thought looms larg... Read More
achieve your new year's resolutions
Personal Growth

Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Tips From Someone Who’s Done It

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? Usually, we want to change something in our lives. If you’re like the old me, you’ve made New Year's reso... Read More
setting goals
Personal Growth

Have Your Best Year Yet By Rethinking Your Goal Setting

As I write my article this month, I am hurtling down the M1 to spend the festive season with my family in the South with my laptop wobbling precarious... Read More

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