Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

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Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

Women over 50 are stronger than you think.
Personal Growth

7 Things Strong Women After 50 Do Not Do

Do you consider yourself strong? I don't mean physically strong but mentally, emotionally, and intellectually strong. All the time, I hear the term ... Read More
Sexy after 50 products
Personal Growth

Sexy After 50? Why Not!

They say age is just a number, and I tend to believe that. I admit that most days, I feel much more youthful than my actual age, and I live my life ac... Read More
There are many benefits to utilizing a life coach
Personal Growth

Reap the Benefits of Pairing with A Life Coach

A life coach assists with your life goals and your mindset. Have you ever been on a team, like a sports team, a corporate team, etc.? They all had a c... Read More
Stop Robocalls
Personal Growth

How to Stop ‘Robocalls’? Be an Activist!

Are the 'robocalls' getting to you, too? Have you just about had it with the Health Insurance scams, the IRS scams, the Chinese Consulate scam, and th... Read More
Living alone
Personal Growth

Home Alone: My Aging Plan

Oh! Woe is me. According to the New York Times, I’m part of a growing national phenomenon, an “elder orphan”—no spouse, no kids, out here livi... Read More
Learn how to make small changes
Personal Growth

You Are Never Going To Change

Has anybody ever said to you, “You are never going to change.”? I am willing to bet that if they have, it probably didn’t make you feel good. It... Read More
Life After 50 Self-Love
Personal Growth

Self-Love: What Does It Really Look Like?

I feel like I keep evolving my understanding of what it means to truly love myself. I’m relearning what it looks like to live from a place of self-l... Read More
Christmas Experience
Personal Growth

50 Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year

Whether you're the queen of all things Christmas or you keep things lowkey around the holidays, we can all agree that Christmas is going to look a lit... Read More
get through a COVID winter
Personal Growth

How To Stay Sane And Happy This Winter Despite The Pandemic

Dread is not too strong a word to describe the feelings that many of us have about the winter season that is about to start. The COVID virus itself an... Read More
shadow self
Personal Growth

What You Need To Know About Your Shadow Self

The beginning of autumn marks the transition into a new season full of changes in weather, décor, outfits, and food choices. But there is a much more... Read More
Personal Growth

The Importance of Role Models

Are you a mentor? Have you benefitted from a mentor or role model? Often the mentors and role models in our lives go unrecognized. We are not always a... Read More
Personal Growth

This Is Your Turning Point

Putting Aside Fear Amid the pain, monumental challenges, and unimagined change felt around the world, and in each of our lives, the events of 2020 ha... Read More