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Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

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Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

Self Love After 50
Personal Growth

4 Steps to Empower Yourself After 50

Aging can be a challenging experience, particularly for women. On one hand, we are typically more financially secure and established in our lives than... Read More
Living alone
Personal Growth

Home Alone: My Aging Plan

Oh! Woe is me. According to the New York Times, I’m part of a growing national phenomenon, an “elder orphan”—no spouse, no kids, out here livi... Read More
learning something new feature
Personal Growth

3 New Things To Start Now That Keep You Young

A key sign of the aging process can be that you start to slow down in a variety of ways. Things like making decisions that can be slow and methodical,... Read More
How to Be a High-Value Woman
Personal Growth

How to Be a High-Value Woman

Studies show that, more than ever, "high-value" women are choosing their well-being over a relationship and are happier because of it. With this happi... Read More
Road trip Over 50
Personal Growth

Over 50 It’s All Downhill—So The Myth Says

I personally never believed the myth that it's all downhill after 50, but I have to admit that once I passed this mark, it amazed me how many women se... Read More
Improve Your Attitude with Amor Fati
Personal Growth

Improve Your Attitude With Amor Fati Philosophy

You've probably heard the phrases, "It is what it is," "Attitude is everything," or "What will be, will be." You might not have realized that they all... Read More
Confidence at 50+ is all about perspective.
Career & Business

5 Ways to Stay Confident in Your 50s and Beyond

Confidence. Some people have it in spades, and others have to search far and wide for it. For some, staying confident comes naturally, while others ha... Read More
Prime of Life: When is it?
Personal Growth

The Prime of Our Life Is Not Behind Us

Have you ever truly stopped to think about when is the prime of life? To wonder if the best years of life are behind you or yet to come. We have all h... Read More
first time grandmother
Personal Growth

Becoming a Grandma And Staying True to Myself

I became a first-time grandma in my mid-forties. I suddenly felt like everything was downhill. As I attempted to embrace my new role and ventured out ... Read More
Overcoming Fear
Personal Growth

Overcoming Fear Can Change Your Life

Do you start the morning excited and ready to conquer the world but find you have accomplished little by the end of the day? You had good intentions b... Read More
Dinner party for an effective communicator
Personal Growth

6 Tips to Become an Effective Communicator and a Better Party Guest

Cards on the table, my nickname for some time has been "Say-it-like-it-is Marj." For a public relations professional, I've managed to prosper despite ... Read More
Aging in place feature
Personal Growth

Design for Life: An Architect’s 12 Rules for Vibrant Living

Every day brings opportunities to enhance our lives, at least up to a point, or so the story goes for many people that I, and probably you, know. My a... Read More