Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

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Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

overcome fear
Personal Growth

Stop Letting Fear Rule Your Life

Part of the Women Over 50 — What Really Works? Series What gets in the way of us being able to forge ahead and stay on purpose? Why do we someti... Read More
turning 60
Personal Growth

Turning 60 – Problem or Privilege?

Well, of course, turning 60 is a privilege — anyone who was not given the chance to grow old would attest to that. But still, the thought looms larg... Read More
achieve your new year's resolutions
Personal Growth

Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions: 5 Tips From Someone Who’s Done It

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? Usually, we want to change something in our lives. If you’re like the old me, you’ve made New Year's reso... Read More
setting goals
Personal Growth

Have Your Best Year Yet By Rethinking Your Goal Setting

As I write my article this month, I am hurtling down the M1 to spend the festive season with my family in the South with my laptop wobbling precarious... Read More
Feeding Reindeer
Personal Growth

Get Into The Christmas Spirit with Reindeer & Carols

Wow. Just wow! This could be the shortest blog ever as words cannot describe how amazing this week’s experience was! But let’s buckle up the sleig... Read More
5 steps to greatness
Personal Growth

Discover the 5 Steps to Your Next Level of Greatness

Life is challenging, amazing, and complicated. However, every experience is absolutely necessary to bring us to this very point. If you pay close atte... Read More
Personal Growth

Becoming a Grandma And Staying True to Myself

I became a first-time grandma in my mid-forties. I suddenly felt like everything was downhill. As I attempted to embrace my new role and ventured out ... Read More
new perspective
Personal Growth

What Difference Does it Make to be Purposeful?

Part of the Women Over 50—What Really Works? Series Now that we are getting better at incorporating purpose into our daily lives, we have anoth... Read More
Fake news has been around for centuries but what can you do today to combat it?
Personal Growth

Fake News Is Not a New Phenomenon

I have sat in a PR hotseat for so long I’m probably a little singed around the edges. Funnily enough, I no longer choose to call myself a public rel... Read More
Living a purposeful life will help you help others
Personal Growth

A Purposeful Life Will Help Yourself and Others

Part of the Women Over 50—What Really Works? Series We’ve looked at purpose and how to live a purposeful life from many different angles: What ... Read More
positive messages can shift perspective
Personal Growth

 5 Favorite Motivational Quotes Instagram Feeds for Positive Messages

The Power of Our Thoughts I have always been a rather positive thinking person. Whether it is a coping mechanism or just my natural personality, I ha... Read More
Confidence at 50+ is all about perspective.
Career & Business

5 Ways to Stay Confident in Your 50s and Beyond

Confidence - The Internal emotion undermined by external forces Confidence.  Some people have it in spades and others have to search far and wide fo... Read More
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