The rules and ways of dating have changed dramatically over the years. Prime Women share how they are navigating the dating scene today and finding new love after 50.

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The rules and ways of dating have changed dramatically over the years. Prime Women share how they are navigating the dating scene today and finding new love after 50.

getting a second date
Dating - New Love

Getting a Second Date: 14 Tips to Have Him Asking to See You Again

On paper you’re impressive:  educated, accomplished, independent, attractive and have a great job. So, why didn’t he call you back after the firs... Read More
Dating - New Love

Why is He Pulling Away? The Myth About the Intimidating Woman

When asking why is he pulling away, you sometimes will hear, “Men just want a submissive girlfriend. They feel threatened by a woman who is too inde... Read More
start dating again
Dating - New Love

Ready to Start Dating Again: Online Dating Adventures

I was finally ready to start dating again. The moment I had my third glass of wine and hit the submit button on my dating profile, I knew I made a ter... Read More
long distance relationship
Dating - New Love

The Ultimate Revelation of a Long Distance Relationship

In today’s world we’re more likely to get into a long distance relationship than we ever have before.You meet a great guy on Instagram who doe... Read More
how to not be intimidating
Dating - New Love

Successful Women: How To Not Be Intimidating When Dating

If you’re like a lot of independent and successful women, you may have bought into the myth that men are afraid of powerful women when it comes to p... Read More
finding happiness in a relationship
Dating - New Love

The Secret to Finding Happiness in a Relationship

Everyone wants to know the secret to finding happiness in a relationship. I once met a savvy, accomplished woman who thought that when she found her h... Read More
self discovery
Dating - New Love

I Used to be a Lady But Then I Got a Life: Adventures in Self Discovery

If this isn't the time of life for a little self discovery, then when is it? A Change is Coming I think it was when I was sitting at the seafront rece... Read More
house guest
Dating - New Love

The Grief Project: A House Guest and an Open Door

Following her husband’s death, Lore Powell, PRiME contributor, kept a journal she refers to as “The Grief Project.” She is graciously allowing u... Read More
Dating Relationships
Dating - New Love

Dating to Date or Mate – Dating Relationships After 50

One of the most empowering things about over 50’s dating is you have choices when it comes to men. You are the one who gets to decide how you want a... Read More
Online Dating Success Feature 600x410
Dating - New Love

Online Dating? Who Cares! All the Kids Are Doing It

It's never too late for love... At the tender age of 72, my father re-married after being a widower for 19 years. My sisters and I were grateful tha... Read More
Dating Advice
Dating - New Love

5 Tips to Get From the First Call to First Date Quickly

In the early 2000s, I was skeptical of online dating even though I had some friends who were trying it out. Not to mention the frequent stigma of meet... Read More
Celebrate Being Single Feature
Dating - New Love

9 Ways to Celebrate Being Single on Valentine’s Day

A retail bonanza for a Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day is a glaring reminder to those who are single in our couples oriented culture that you’re... Read More
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