The rules and ways of dating have changed dramatically over the years. Prime Women share how they are navigating the dating scene today and finding new love after 50.

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The rules and ways of dating have changed dramatically over the years. Prime Women share how they are navigating the dating scene today and finding new love after 50.

Single During the Holidays
Dating - New Love

3 Tips for Surviving the Holidays As A Single Woman

When you’re single during the holidays, you can feel pretty lonely and isolated. Watching your friends celebrate the holidays with their significant... Read More
Providing feedback on a date's behavior can be a tricky path to navigate.
Dating - New Love

When Do You Tell Your Date About Behaviors that Annoy You?

Bothered by a behavior? When do you tell your date? There seem to be several camps on this: Immediately when the annoyance happens, even on the ... Read More
Dating After 50
Dating - New Love

Top 3 Myths About Dating After 50

Chances are you never thought you’d be dating as a woman over 50. Right? Dating was for young people. In fact, for most of us, that was the last tim... Read More
Going Dutch on a date is fine --if your date is okay with it too.
Dating - New Love

Go Dutch or Accept Your Date’s Offer to Treat?

Does Who Picks Up The Check Change When Dating at 50+? I was talking to a gal pal about how to deal with paying for a meal when you’re first dating... Read More
dating app married men mistake
Dating - New Love

Yuck! When the man on the dating app is married…to your friend

A Cautionary Tale I feel soiled, sullied, icky. Bad. Horrible. I unknowingly betrayed a good, long-time friend. “How?” you ask. Here’s the stor... Read More
What does your date's driving say about him?
Dating - New Love

You Can Tell a Lot By Your Date’s … Driving

I don’t recommend you get in a date’s car until you’ve gone out with him at least three or four times. But when you do, notice how he drives. It... Read More
Ongoing Communication Techniques
Dating - New Love

Notice Who Initiates Ongoing Communications

Women know that if a man doesn’t ask to spend time with her, he’s not that interested in her. We have learned some men appreciate when a woman sug... Read More
what does Love in your Prime look like, and how do you find it?
Dating - New Love

Finding Love in Your Prime

Don't you miss the HBO hit series "Sex in the City"? I loved that show…girls coming to New York in search of the two Ls: Labels and Love. The day th... Read More
Man Giving Woman Flowers
Dating - New Love

Instead of Roses, He Gives You … Lingerie

On our fourth date he announced, “I bought you a present.” “Oh?” I inquired, “What?” “I’ll give it to you later.” At the en... Read More
Dating Over 50 Affiliation
Dating - New Love

Dating Over 50: Define Your Need for Affiliation

A gal pal shared with me the concept of people having different needs for affiliation — how much “people contact” they need. What’s Your “N... Read More
Marketing 101 Online Dating
Dating - New Love

Marketing 101 for Online Dating

Today I was strolling down the fresh men aisle at my favorite dating site. No one was enticing enough to pick off the shelf and examine more closely. ... Read More
Survival Guide to Looking For Love
Dating - New Love

Survival Guide to Looking For Love – Or Just A Date

Finding one's self alone after a long and happy marriage is daunting on multiple levels at any age. Being on the far side of 60 brings its own set of ... Read More