You’ll find the most advanced techniques in the industry, described by professionals in dermatology and plastic surgery.

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You’ll find the most advanced techniques in the industry, described by professionals in dermatology and plastic surgery.

Tighten Loose Skin Feature
Anti Aging

Can You Tighten Loose Skin?

Prime Women asked, “Can you tighten loose skin?” Loose skin of the neck and face has been addressed, but what about loose skin of the upper arms,... Read More
Looking Youthful Without Surgery
Anti Aging

5 Methods to Look Youthful Without Surgery

When patients ask me, "How can I look youthful without surgery?" I make the following five recommendations:  How to Look Youthful Wi... Read More
Venus Freeze Feature 600x410
Anti Aging

Why Choose Venus Freeze for Neck Tightening?

“I hate my neck!” is a common complaint among prime women(and men). The neck shows its age when the skin becomes loose, wrinkled and hangs down un... Read More
Basal Cell Carcinoma 600x410
Anti Aging

Prime Time for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma is a skin cancer, caused by too much sun exposure, and is an epidemic among Caucasian women and men in their prime (age 40 and ov... Read More
Woman looking in mirror
Anti Aging

Am I Vain to Want Cosmetic Surgery?

You're so vain [♫] Do you hear those famous lyrics in your head when you look in the mirror, because you wish you could change the physical effects... Read More
Before Eye Wrinkles Treatment
Anti Aging

Best Fix for Wrinkles Around the Eyes

If you've been looking for the perfect eye cream to fix your eye wrinkles, save your time and money. There is no cream that will rid you of eye wrinkl... Read More
spf sunscreen is sexy-feat-prime
Anti Aging

Sunscreen IS Sexy! Know the Truth of SPF Sunscreen

Got your attention? Great! We realize the great risks of printing a boring article about SPF sunscreen. If you’ve read this far, congratulations! Yo... Read More
Tattoo After 50
Anti Aging

Considering Getting a Tattoo?

Are you considering getting a tattoo? Shockingly, there are women over 50 who are getting tattoos and many women over age 50 have tattoos. Of course, ... Read More
diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation | Prime Women
Anti Aging

diVa – Vaginal Rejuvenation Made Possible

diVa Laser Treatment Boosts Women’s Self Confidence After Childbirth and Menopause A woman’s vaginal health is central to her sense of well-being... Read More
Mirror Mirror Banner
Anti Aging

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

There comes a time in every woman's life when she looks at her face in the mirror and sees the little changes that time is beginning to sneak in. The ... Read More
Get rid of your double chin
Anti Aging

Lose the Double Chin

Women (and men) of all ages hate fat under the chin that can become more prominent with age. In previous articles, we have addressed how to deal with ... Read More
Anti Aging

Anti-Aging and the Mommy/Grandmommy Makeover

Anti-aging is the medical endeavor to extend life, indefinably preserving health, youth and vitality. Common approaches to anti-aging include good nut... Read More