What’s the missing link in your retirement plan?

Learn how Texas Capital Bank can help women like you build a legacy beyond just accumulating wealth with thoughtful expertise and actionable insights.
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When you think about retirement, you might envision yourself on a sunny beach under an umbrella sipping a frosty cocktail, reveling in a slower speed of life, and having more time to do whatever it is that is important to you. What’s less fun to think about are the logistics that come with no longer working in retirement — and how to make the most of a fixed income before you reach that point.

By taking the appropriate preemptive measures and planning well, you can thrive off of your fixed income and weather changes in economic conditions. It may sound straightforward, but here are three things to consider when futureproofing your retirement plan starting in 2023.

Saving For Long-Term Care. A heightened emphasis on wellness and pursuing healthier habits leads to the potential for longer, healthier lives.  It’s important to account for rising healthcare costs and really plan through your retirement rather than the mistake of just planning to hit a targeted amount in the bank by a certain year. A wide range of financial tools is now available to help you generate wealth while saving.

Savings Accounts. Interest rates on savings accounts have been on the rise. Banks are offering competitive interest rates while you save cash you don’t plan to use right away, making them the perfect tool for early saving right now.

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Certificate of Deposit (CD) Accounts. These are a special type of savings account that provides guaranteed returns after fulfilling a savings term of your choosing. With rates on the rise, banks can offer higher rates on these accounts that further reward their customers for saving in times of economic slowdown. Consequently, rates on savings accounts are higher than they’ve been in a decade.

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Cash Is King. Rising prices are just one reason to stay intentional about optimizing your cash flow. It can be essential to making your retirement savings last through the entirety of your retirement and possibly into the next generation since we don’t always have regular cash income once we retire. By budgeting to cover your expenses and tracking your spending on a regular basis, you might be surprised at what areas of opportunity for saving or reallocating any excess cash you might uncover.

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Plan Ahead. Because it’s wise to expect the unexpected and plan for uncertainty as it relates to both financial success and challenges, talking through your finances and future plans with a banking expert who can tailor a plan unique to your circumstances and needs, now and in the future can be a smart option.

Texas Capital Bank can help women like you build a legacy beyond just accumulating wealth with thoughtful expertise and actionable insights. Texas Capital Bank was recognized by Newsweek as the #1 most trusted bank in America in 2022 and was founded in the heart of the state of Texas more than two decades ago. For all your needs related to wealth planning and personal banking, visit

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