Women in their prime have a zest for life and for making a difference in the world. That zest is tempered by the wisdom gained from years of experience and learning.  Always striving to better themselves, women in their prime years are open to better ways to do even more of what they wish to accomplish in their third 1/3 of life.

Prime women like me are not willing to sleepwalk through their busy days. Instead, they look for ways to bring greater consciousness, depth, introspection and self-awareness to life. We have learned the value of going slow to go fast. Heck, we know that the years left to us are not as plentiful as they once were, so we are eager to make the best of that time!

Daily Review and Planning

One way to make the most of your days and to be as productive as possible is to do a daily review and planning session each night. This habit keeps you aware and awake to what happened in the day that just ended, and lets you hit the ground running the next morning for another productive day.

One review technique is to examine the day just completed, perhaps hour by hour, and notice events that were satisfying or gratifying. I normally list three things in my journal that were highlights of the day. Also, I list one thing that I wish had gone better. I call that my “one to grow on.”

Some people share their three highlights and one low-light of the day with their partner before going to bed. This ritual is a sweet way to share gratitude for what the day has brought, and can increase intimacy with your partner.

List 3 Things

Regarding the planning session, you may wish to look at your calendar and notice the meetings you have scheduled and review your to-do list. List the three big things you want to accomplish the next day. It’s important that you only list three things.  The human brain can only remember and deal with three things, so any more than that will overwhelm you.

I like to write my three big things in my journal or in my calendar so I can check items off as I accomplish them the next day.

Then, mentally prepare for the next day’s activities. Consider each of the entries in your calendar and ask yourself these questions:

What role do I wish to play in this activity or meeting?

What do we need to accomplish?

What do these people need from me?

How can I contribute to a successful meeting or encounter?

If you anticipate a stressful encounter that day, take a moment to mentally rehearse what might transpire and what the “best you” would say and do to remain calm.

By reviewing and planning your days, you will increase your mindfulness, reduce reactive behaviors, and walk through your day with intention. You’ll soon find that you feel calmer and more relaxed as you follow this daily habit.  And, as a prime woman, these things are important to us.

Adapted from Your Company Culture Ecosystem: Growing a Vibrant Business by Kristin E. Robertson (2017, Brio Leadership Press, p. 80-81).  The book is available on and


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