Trending Style: How to Look Like a Mob Wife

One of the latest trends going around the fashion world is to embrace your inner mob wife. Here's how to get the look and feel fabulous doing it.
woman in a fur coat taking a selfie while out shopping

There’s a mob mentality happening in the fashion world right now that has women channeling their inner Soprano. No, we aren’t talking about vocal range. We’re talking about Carmela Soprano, the brash, blonde wife of fictional New Jersey mafia boss Tony Soprano, played by Edie Falco. She, along with countless other on-screen mafia wives and girlfriends, flaunted the big hair, big diamonds, and bigger personality synonymous with that lifestyle for decades. Today, the whole vibe is catching on in a big way.

Yes, mob wife style is real, categorized by fur coats, flashy jewelry, animal prints, and sky-high heels, accented by teased updos, heavy makeup, and long, talon-like nails. And the more designer logos that are visible, the better. It’s giving “rich b!tch” vibes, making it the antithesis of quiet luxury, and blowing up social media faster than you can say  “bada bing.”

It’s not a crime to want to incorporate this style into your life, but the trick is in pulling it off without looking like an extra from “The Godfather.” How do you do that? Since everything about this aesthetic screams “statement,” we recommend incorporating one or two pieces rather than going full Corleone. The end game here is mob classy, not street trashy. Here are a few essential items to help you join the mob of trendsetters who are rocking this “more is more” vibe.

7 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Mob Wife

woman in leather pants

Mob Wife Must-Have #1: A Fabulous Faux Fur Coat

Nothing defines the Mob Wife trend more than a fur coat, but we know that owning one is generally frowned upon. Fortunately, you can kill the look in a fabulous faux without harming any animals. We like this leopard print version from Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs because it combines two elements of the trend in one beautiful coat that you can dress up or down. $375 at

Fur Coat

Donna Salyers Leopard Print Coat, $375

Mob Wife Must-Have #2: Rocking Leather Pants

Not just for rock stars, leather pants are a mob wife staple, and the tighter and shinier, the better. These faux patent leather leggings from Spanx will turn heads with their high sheen and smooth, figure-flattering fit. And, because they are Spanx, you can count on them to be as comfortable as they are cutting-edge. $110 at  

faux patent leather leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Pants, $110

Mob Wife Must-Have #3: Sleek and Sky-High Heeled Boots

The higher the heel, the closer to God – or something like that. High-heeled boots are a “shoe-in” for completing your mob wife look, and the Lisa Leather Tall Boot from Veronica Beard hits all the high notes with a simple style, sleek finish, and stiletto heel. Plus, a portion of proceeds from every sale go to organizations that support women, children, and families. That and the fact that these boots will last longer than the mob wife trend make the price tag more palatable. $695 at

Lisa Leather Tall Boot

Lisa Leather Tall Boot from Veronica Beard, $695

Mob Wife Must-Have #4: Gold Necklaces, Gold Bracelets, Gold… Everything!

Remember Mr. T? Then you get the idea. Lots of big, chunky gold accessories are the name of the game. No, you don’t have to wear a medallion the size of your head (unless you just want to), but you should pick up a fun gold chain or two. We like the Gold Hendrix Chunky Chain Necklace from Tuckernuck. Heavy enough to add substance and style but light enough to layer it with other pieces for a statement that’s a little classy, a little sassy, and a whole lot of brassy. $98 at Need more inspo? Check out more gold statement necklaces here.

Gold Hendrix Chunky Chain Necklace

Gold Hendrix Chunky Chain Necklace, $98

Mob Wife Must-Have #5: Red Lipstick in Every Shade of Rouge Available

No soft, watered-down version of the shade will do. We are talking bold, in-your-face red that makes a statement without you saying a word. Think you can’t wear a bold red? Think again. It all comes down to the undertones of your skin. Aren’t sure what yours are? Check out this article for ideas. Then head to your nearest MAC counter, where countless reds abound in various formulations. One of our favorite finishes is the Powder Kiss Lipstick for the way it smooths lips and blurs those pesky lines. The matte color is buildable, long-lasting, and won’t dry lips out. $26 at

Powder Kiss Lipstick

Powder Kiss Lipstick, $26

Mob Wife Must-Have #6: Big, Bodacious, and Glamorous Sunglasses

Every mob wife worth her stilettos knows an oversized pair of shades is a must-have. They camouflage many sins, like late nights or too much vino, and pull any outfit together by adding instant glam. Ideally, the shades in question are designer, but dupes are acceptable. What is non-negotiable is the color. They must be black. According to a source via The Washington Post, “If you look like you’re going to a funeral, you know you’re doing it right.” For a splurge, we love these oversized Chanel Square Sunglasses with their big gold logo ($525 at For a steal, try the Ever After from Quay ($65 at

Chanel Square Sunglasses, $525 | Ever After from Quay, $65

Mob Wife Must-Have #7: A Fab Designer Bag, Purse, and Carry-On, Of Course

This is one area where splurging is highly recommended. Why? Because a good luxury bag never goes out of style. For the mob wife aesthetic, it should be large enough to hold the oversized sunnies, red lipstick, cell phone, and a nail file that can do double duty as a solution to a chipped manicure or a tool to bust the boss out of the big house.

Again, logos are a must as the mob wife is all about show, not tell. The YSL Envelope bag is a classic with its bold gold logo and chain strap. It’s an investment piece at $2950, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it. For those who want the look for less, check out designer resale sites like Gilt and the Real Real for treasures. You can usually find gently used designer bags at an offer you can’t refuse.

YSL Envelope Bag, $2950

Like all trends, the mob wife aesthetic will come and go, but before you write it off as “too much” or “not you,” take a closer look. At the core of this excess are some staples that, on their own, will pass the test of time. Black boots, oversized sunglasses, and animal prints are always in style. It’s how you put it all together that defines this trend. Do what works for you and “fu-get-about” the rest.

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