Beautiful Eyebrows? Yes You Can

beautiful eyebrows

Defined eyebrows are a main focus of the face, especially your eyes. And as we age, it is more concerning as they get lighter and thinner. Thinning brows comes from over waxing or tweezing, chemotherapy, skin issues such as alopecia and vitamin deficiencies. Here are some ways to deal with thinning and loss of eyebrow hair to create beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading is one process that is semi-permanent and lasts for about 2-3 years. “It provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.” It is a method of embroidering a very fine row of needles into the skin to create marks that look like eyebrows. The practice aims to give an effortless defined brow without the need for brow pencils, wax or gels. You will wake up to defined beautiful eyebrows every day!

I would recommend microblading over permanent tattoos as the latter will eventually fade into a greenish black color and look very unnatural. And a permanent tattoo will never go away. Microblading allows the technician to choose the best color that will go with your hair and it will eventually fade in 2-3 years. So if you are going for a hair color change, you will not be stuck with a color that is unnatural.

Microblading is a safe technique, yet a little painful due to the fine needles used on the skin. However, numbing cream is often used beforehand and helps ease the pain. The cost for microblading can range from $500-$1,600. I would recommend getting referrals and pictures of clients the technician has done before you make your final decision. Do some research in your area beforehand. One site to look at is for before and after photos.

If microblading is not for you, there is the alternative of filling in your brows using pencil, wax, and or powder. You can get the definition you need by outlining your current eyebrow shape with your pencil or brush. See video below.

Here’s how to get those pronounced and defined beautiful eyebrows you desire using a powder, wax, or pencil. First, line up your brush from the side of your nose, straight up; this is where your brow should start. Then hold a brush on a slant from the bottom of your nostril up to the outer part of your brow; this is where your brow should end. Now for the most important part, the arch. Line up the brush from the outer part of your pupil, going up; this is where the top of your arch should be. With each measurement: the start, end and arch point, draw a dot. Then connect the dots with a line and fill in. And most importantly, blend with a blending brush after you have filled it in.

Another less painful and inexpensive substitute would be eyebrow templates. Eyebrow stencils help to guide your pencil or brush, creating a defined eyebrow shape. These templates are offered in a variety of different shapes to fit all faces. You simply hold the stencil of your desired shape and placement. Use the other hand to fill in with a brow pencil or powder. When completed, just peel off the stencil and there you have well-defined, filled in, beautiful eyebrows. No need to stress if your eyebrows look the same, by using this handy beauty product. The eyebrow stencils are quite affordable, a pack of nine styles on Amazon will cost you about $8.99.

The results of defined brows are extraordinary, so take the time to create beautiful eyebrows, as it is youthful and pronounces the eye!