Easy Updo Hairstyles for Receiving Guests This Festive Season

Easy Updo Hairstyles for Receiving Guests This Festive Season

Updo Hairstyles

It’s that time of year again when family and friends come together to celebrate the Christmas holiday season, and it’s just when we want to look our best. Most of us may be multi-tasking these days, receiving guests and cooking the meal! If this is the case, this article is for you. Read on as I am here to deliver simple, easy updo hairstyles to make your hair look pristine from kitchen to table.

If your hair has some length, then it’s even easier. We can rely on an elegant hair accessory to keep the volume in tact and hair out of the face as we do what our families love us doing best, a home-cooked meal.


FORGE HAIR accessories have some beauties that I often use on red carpet updo hairstyles for my celebrity clients. This 3 pronged pin is so simple for an elegant roll. Just take all the hair to one side tying in a low ponytail that can be easily cut off after securing the roll. Twist tail into long sausage shape then secure the end with a small elastic. Roll into the shape above and let the 3 pronged clip secure your roll in place. Lastly snip off the first band, once you feel your roll is firmly secured.

The U shaped pin can be found almost everywhere. It’s such an easy fix for a french twist like above. The metal ones like pictured are strong and don’t slide out.


A simple ponytail is so elegant and always very modern. Add that extra elegant touch by wrapping a small section of hair around the tail and securing underneath with a solid bobby pin.

Speaking of ponytails, this style below is simply a high pony tail move. Instead of pulling the tail all the way through the band, stop halfway through, secure the loop you have formed by doubling the elastic band as you do when creating a tail, and simply wrap the hair around the loop securing with a clip or pins.

Another very effective soft style is to create a loose braid down the center back of the hair. Secure the ends firmly with a small elastic, then roll the ends under and secure tightly.


Last but not least, a simple braid that every woman knows how to do can be chic and feminine at any age. The trick is to add some volume on top and some haphazard wisps to the side to add softness.


The key to all these updo hairstyles is the softeness. Don’t add hairspray, instead use a finishing serum that will deliver control and healthy lustre. My pick for this and anyone who knows me will vouch; I never do a head of hair without Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum.


Iles Formula Haute Performance Finishing Serum, $44

This jewel of a product not only protects hair from heated tools, UV, color fade and humidity, it also add soft memory to the hair. So whatever form you give your hair with heated tools, it holds. If you make an error with the tong, you can re-form it immediately and the hair will just obey. At the end of the evening you brush the hair through and its as if no product is there at all, you are left with a soft lustrous texture.

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