Women (and men) of all ages hate fat under the chin that can become more prominent with age. In previous articles, we have addressed how to deal with the turkey neck/waddle. This article is a followup to the article that introduced Kybella as a new treatment for getting rid of the double chin. The treatment was so new we had no before and after pictures to share, mainly because it can take a couple of months before you can see results. Now that some time has passed, I am happy to report that this treatment is a winner, and patients are very pleased with their results.

Before and After Kybella

Patient #1

Patient 1 Before and After Kybella

Patient #1 had 1.5 vials of Kybella injected under her chin. She experienced some swelling that she stated lasted two weeks. However, she went to work and no one commented on the swelling. I saw her at three weeks and there was no noticeable swelling. She did however have some firmness under the chin that could be felt but was not noticeable. Patient #1 saw the most improvement two months after treatment as you can see in the picture above. She was pleased with her result after one treatment and elected to have no more treatments.

Patient #2

Patient 2 Before and After Kybella

Patient 2 Kybella Side Profile

Patient #2 had a total of three treatments and was extremely pleased with her results. She had 2 vials each treatment and said swelling lasted about one week. She did not have as much swelling after the second and third treatment, which is a common observation. We have noticed that all of our patients get hardness or firmness under the chin that resolves with time and is something that you can feel but not see. Above is a profile picture of her one month after the third treatment. We anticipate further improvement with time.

Patient #3

Patient 3 Before and After Kybella

Patient #3 had a total of two treatments, six weeks apart, 2 vials per treatment. We have decided to wait an extra four weeks before deciding on a third treatment for Patient #3 since patients continue to improve over time.

Combining Kybella with skin tightening procedures (Venus Freeze®), neuromodulators (Botox® or Dysport ®) and fillers could make this the year you ditch that double chin!


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