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Don’t Miss These Haunted Castles in Scotland for Historical Thrills

Autumn is a great time for seeking out spooky places - and there are plenty of haunted castles to choose from in Scotland, because almost every self-respecting fortress has at least one blood-curdling ghoul lurking in its dark chambers. I don’t go around actively looking for ghosts, but I do… Read More
  • Jo Woolf |
  • October 29, 2017
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Don’t Miss These 3 Unique Castles in Scotland for Romance and Intrigue

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that all castles in Scotland are the same. It is rich in ancient strongholds, and each one is delightfully unique. Here are three of my favourite... Must-see Castles in Scotland: Tantallon Castle When you climb up one of the dark, narrow staircases of Tantallon… Read More
  • Jo Woolf |
  • October 5, 2017
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Places to Visit in Scotland: Oban is the Gateway to the Isles

Looking for places to visit in Scotland? For first-time visitors, basing yourself in the city of Edinburgh or Glasgow has obvious advantages. But if you’re willing to venture a little further afield, the town of Oban on the west coast offers a wonderful alternative. Swap the city lights for a… Read More
  • Jo Woolf |
  • August 27, 2017
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Scotland’s Outlander Series Locations – Part 2

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels tell the story of Claire Beauchamp Randall, a young woman who visits a stone circle in the Scottish Highlands and falls through time from 1946 to the mid-eighteenth century, when the clans are preparing to rise in support of ‘the Prince over the Water.’ Her story… Read More
  • Jo Woolf |
  • March 1, 2017
outlander series locations
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Scotland’s Outlander Series Locations – Part I

Set in Scotland and telling the story of a young woman who unwittingly falls through time, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels take us from standing stones to castles and battlefields, sweeping us across the Highlands with their powerful network of clans. The lives of Claire Beauchamp Randall, her husband Frank, and… Read More
  • Jo Woolf |
  • February 11, 2017

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Jo Woolf

Jo Woolf is a Scottish-based writer with a passion for history and the natural world. Through her online magazine, The Hazel Tree, she tells the age-old stories of people and landscapes, with plenty of visits to ancient places across the length and breadth of Scotland’s beautiful country. Jo is the Writer in Residence at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and is currently working on a book about great explorers. Read more by her at The Hazel Tree