Where in the World Do People Live Longer?

Curious if you are living in a location where statistically people live longer? First, Take this quiz:

Rank the following locations giving 1 to the place you think people live the longest in the world, 2 to the location where its citizens attain the second highest levels of longevity and so on:


__ Australia

__Guernsey, English Channel Islands

__Hong Kong, China


__Ikaria, Greece


__Loma Linda, California

__Macau, China


__Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

__Okinawa, Japan

__San Marino, Italy

__Sardinia, Italy


Read the following short article for the correct answers and the reasons provided by Travel Magazine for the longevity enjoyed by the people living in the above locations around the globe. Are you tempted to relocate?

Results: People Live Longer In These Places 

Have you ever wondered where in the world people live longer than most and why that would be the case? Did you take the above quiz? Were you surprised to learn that those 15 locations ranked highest on earth for its citizens outliving most everyone else on the planet? Well, let us give you the rankings from first to last and provide you with the answers to your burning questions about how and where to live longer.

This information was gathered primarily from Travel Magazine, Healthy Living, Huffington Post and WebMD. I bet by the end of the article that you will be able to better assess whether the current place that you live is as healthy as you need it to be because you will see clear patterns in these environments and the cultures where people live longer.

The rankings and the reasons: 

live longer

#1 Monaco

A tiny, densely populated country with more millionaires and billionaires of any nation on  earth. The typical diet is a classic Mediterranean one, and its citizens can afford the best medical care in the world. Oh, having all that money is a wonderful stress reliever too.

#2 Macau, China

A territory in this communist controlled country where the majority of the revenues are generated by gambling from casinos. Huge amounts of these gambling proceeds are invested in healthcare. The typical diet? Fish and plant-based foods with almost no sweets being consumed. People walk a lot here also.

#3 San Marino, Italy

Boasts the third longest living population on earth. This tiny place with a total census of live longeronly 30,000 people enjoys almost 100% employment among working-age men and women. This little city-state is relatively isolated with a strong sense of community and almost everyone actively practices their religion which sociologists credit with the reported low-stress levels. This is another place where the main form of transportation is walking, a definite health plus.

#4 Sardinia, Italy

A large, rugged island off the coast of mainland Italy with a population of 100,000 where one of the main industries is agriculture with its significant daily physical demands and calorie burns. Sardinia ties with Okinawa for having the world’s largest numbers of 100+-year-old inhabitants. Sardinia’s typical diet consists of plants and beans, cheese made from sheep and goat’s milk and meat is only eaten as a condiment and not the main dish.

#5 Iceland

This country has citizenry who live the sixth longest in the world. The main reason? Environmentalists believe it is because there are such low levels of pollution here. The country depends primarily on geothermal sources of energy and their daily diet is rich in fish and fish oil along with wild game, black tea, lots of fresh vegetables, berries and whole grains. Outdoor exercise, like cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, even in the frigid temperatures is widely practiced.

live longer#6 Loma Linda, California

The home to the USA’s longest living population. Many of the town’s residents say this is because most of the 23,000 people who live here are Seventh Day Adventist Church members who typically enjoy anywhere from 4 to 7 years of life, which they report is both healthier and happier. A Seventh Day Adventist’s typical diet is said to be mainly vegetarian. Independent studies by medical authorities have not as yet verified the facts about Seventh Day Adventist’s claims about health, happiness or vegetarianism in significant studies as yet.

#7 Okinawa, Japan

Older Okinawans have been studied for the low occurrence of common diseases among their numbers such as diabetes, heart disease, and frequently seen cancers. Old age is the principal cause of death among this population that includes many 100+-year-olds on this Japanese island. Along with Sardinia, they have the world’s largest number of centenarian inhabitants. Their diet consists of mostly fish, soy and legumes. Okinawa is seen by most as a place with very little stress as well.

#8 Australia

Takes its place ahead of the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the US in life expectancy. The reasons? Very few people smoke and exercise is a common feature in every age group’s lifestyle. Most Australians enjoy a balanced diet and that helps them live longer, too.

#9 Andorra

This tiny country wedged between France and Spain has always emphasized a life of skiing in the winter and hiking the Pyrenees in the summers for every age group. The cuisine here is fresh and Mediterranean which lends itself to long lives.

#10 Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Ricalive longer

The average lifespan for a Nicoyan is about 90 years. This isolated, peaceful part of Costa Rica, a beautiful country, is home to some of the area’s most gorgeous beaches. The natural waters here are both calcium and magnesium rich, which results in strong bones for its denizens. The local diet includes fish, beans, squash and corn.

#11 Guernsey, English Channel Islands

This very well to do part of England enjoys a very high standard of living which translates to well-paying jobs, low taxes and wonderful levels of healthcare.

#12 Israel

live longer

Both the Jewish and the Arab populations of Israel are enjoying greater and greater levels of longevity since 1980. The typical diet is Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Tremendous innovation in technology has afforded Israeli’s the very latest in medical advancement where diagnostics, robotics and both cancer and heart treatments are concerned. The increase in years lived is added regularly, and all the innovations taking place in this country are quickly exported to the rest of the world.

#13 Ikaria, Greece

Travel and health writers have dubbed this island “the place where people forgot to die.” 1 in 3 residents lives into their 90’s. Socialization is one of the reasons cited by experts for the longevity. No one lives by a clock here and almost everyone lives on vegetables from their own gardens plus local olive oil.

#14 Hong Kong, China

In case you were thinking that it was people who inhabit backwaters that live a long time, don’t overlook this thriving metropolis where women, in particular, live extra long lives. The reason? Most often credited are the daily, pre-dawn workouts that women of all age levels do together by families, buildings, blocks or neighborhoods. These can consist of bracing swims, hikes or the practice of tai chi. The point is these workouts are an indelible part of every woman’s routine, no matter how poor or rich she is, and this practice is lifelong.

#15 Singaporelive longer

Life expectancy has increased 10 years during the last 30 years. Obesity is extremely low on this island, the food is a mixture of several types of Asian cuisine and like in Hong Kong, exercise is widely practiced in groups that support the participants year in and out.


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