How To Stop The Diet Dating Game For Good

PLATE diet app for women over 50

Do you ever feel like there should be a dating app for diet programs? Swipe one way to learn a bit more and if you like what you’re seeing and hearing, take it to the next level and give that diet a try? You could save a lot of time, emotional energy, and disappointment if you felt more confident about your decision to make a long-term commitment. Much like relationships, by this point in your life, you’ve realized that most diets don’t work or if they worked for you at some point in the past, it’s not what you and your body need now. You really want to avoid confusion and ultimate failure.

Our body and metabolism are dynamic and fluctuating systems. Attempting to make healthy changes when you’re near or over 50 seems like it’s more confusing than ever! The methods you’ve used in the past are no longer working (or not working as well as they used to). If you’re tired of the frustration and the feeling that all the other diets out there are just playing the field, then PLATE will be the last and only diet you will need.

PLATE Is The Only Diet Designed For Women Over 50

When it comes to diets, if you have found it impossible to meet “the one,” but you know you want and need the support that a perfect diet relationship will bring you, you’ll be stuck in the diet dating game trying to figure it out forever. Now that you’re ready for something that has been designed just for you, you’ll understand why the PLATE weight management program is worth finally making the commitment.

how to lose postmenopausal weight

PLATE is a weight management program designed specifically for women over 50. The program was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kathryn Waldrep, a practicing OB-Gyn with 35 years of experience in treating and counseling women from childbearing age to end of life. She has witnessed firsthand the havoc hormones play on a women’s weight and her ability to lose weight. PLATE has been designed to consider two simple things:

  • portion sizes (determined for you in a meal plan)
  • reducing your eating window (a form of intermittent fasting). If you embrace those two components from the beginning, healthy eating will follow.

As we age, our nutritional needs change. Since this eating program was designed specifically for women near or over 50, the guidelines include the exact requirements for our age group that are not a part of many other eating programs. This is why diets or methods you’ve tried in the past may not be working as well or not working at all. Here are a few critical nutritional considerations that PLATE makes for women over 50:

  • additional protein and calcium
  • reduced calories due to hormone changes and aging
  • dairy alternatives as many women become lactose intolerant as they age

PLATE Is The Most Fulfilling And Complete Weight Management System

Just as in any successful relationship, there are many facets to diet and nutrition that lend themselves to overall success. Many diets focus on one or two components like food and exercise, which are the most common. However, for long-term success, it’s important to consider every single aspect of your life that plays a critical role in weight loss, healthy weight management, and long-term health.

PLATE is an acronym that stands for:

  • Portions
  • Lifestyle
  • Accountability
  • Timing
  • Exercise

The PLATE weight management system is comprehensive and leads to long-term change because it dives into every single thing that is necessary for success.

Portions: You start by getting your portions correct with nutritionally balanced meal plans designed for women near or over 50.

Lifestyle: For an eating program to work, it must fit your lifestyle. PLATE allows you to eat out, on the road, at family gatherings. You can even indulge in wine and other adult beverages.

Accountability: The program keeps you on track by providing reminders to plan your meals, when it’s time to start your meals, and when to stop eating for the day. It also reminds you to exercise and other helpful prompts to keep you on track.

Timing: When you eat your meals is integral to the program. PLATE follows the latest and most conclusive research on when to eat meals.

Exercise: Participants are encouraged to do some sort of exercise, like walking, every day and to include strength training two days a week.

Here are some sample screens of what you can expect to see in PLATE, including activity trackers, step-by-step recipes, a customizable meal planner, and the option to include the occasional indulgence in your day – without the guilt. 

Plate Screenshots

Get Started: If You Love It So Much Then Why Don’t You Marry It?

Ok, I will! Instead of weight loss, weight management, and a healthy lifestyle being a point of stress in your life, you will finally be able to commit to the plan and tools that PLATE provides. Because the PLATE Weight Management Program has considered and deployed everything you need for a successful long-term, healthy relationship, all you have to do is say YES. The PLATE app is free to download with a simple questionnaire to get you started. Just choose from one of two membership options that work best for you and begin this new journey with the healthiest version of you.

Weight Loss Success

Still on the fence? Read the testimonials below written by your peers.

Look at these encouraging words from some of the women whose lives and healthy journeys have been changed by the PLATE Weight Management System!

I really appreciate the reminders that keep me on track. I’ve dusted off my Fitbit, and I’m getting my ten thousand steps in! ~Donna E.

I’m not just changing what I eat and how much; I’m changing my lifestyle. ~Jacqueline C.

I immediately decided that I would try this system because I know and respect Dr. Waldrep. I have found it remarkably easy to follow. It’s actually effortless. ~Ruth F.

Eating between the hours of 9 to 5 was a game-changer. To me, PLATE is not a diet; it really is a new way of eating. ~Phyllis F.

If your goal in the new year is to finally, once and for all, get on a healthy eating plan you can stick with, try PLATE!

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