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As we age, having too many drinks can really hit hard. H-Proof can help you feel better while maintaining a social life.
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Spring is a time of great transition. Not just with new flowers and blooms and little baby bunnies appearing everywhere. It’s also a time of great social transition. This is evidenced by the number of invitations I’ve received in the last few weeks. I’ve got several graduations – both high school and college – as well as a couple of weddings and even a baby shower. Transition indeed.

While I don’t consider social events like that a time to booze it up, I find that when I sit there for a few hours, I tend to have a few drinks. I’m chatting, catching up, and oohing and aahing over the gifts. And I’m having a glass of pinot grigio, or on really special events, toasting with champagne.

But like most of us, I can no longer recover like I did when I was younger. Gone are the days when I could have drinks, dance until my feet hurt, and wake up ready to go the next day. Now it’s a process. Days later, I’m still not quite up to par, but unfortunately, life goes on as if I was 100%. So, with my future celebratory days ahead of me, I was pleased to find a solution that was created for exactly this type of thing. It’s from a brand called H-PROOF, and it’s designed to help maintain a healthy social life. In fact, it’s called The Anytime You Drink Vitamin®.

What is H-PROOF?

The origins of H-PROOF actually remind me a bit of spring. What began as a bud of an idea began to grow, and then, with attention and care, it began to bloom. One of the founders, Rachel, heard from a friend that prenatal vitamins could help after drinking. She tried it out and found that while it helped a bit, she still didn’t feel great. But she didn’t stop there. She approached her medical-doctor mom and asked if she was just dreaming that it had made a difference. I mean, the placebo effect is real. However, It turns out the B vitamins in those prenatals could, in fact, help decrease the effects of alcohol.

H-Proof Founders
Rachel and her mother, Dr. Linda J. Kaplan, MD

While Rachel could have accepted a mild fix and moved on, she was intrigued and decided to keep growing her idea and see what potential was out there. When researching, she found that B vitamins aren’t the only thing that could help her process alcohol. There was research from around the world on the topic, and ingredients such as milk thistle, taurine, and DHM had peer-reviewed science regarding their effective use. With that, Rachel took that bud of an idea and decided to see what it could grow into. And boy, did it bloom.

How does it work?

H-Proof Packaging types

H-PROOF is designed as a way to find a balance between drinking socially and feeling good afterward. It does that by supporting your metabolism. No, not the kind you’re thinking about – we mean your alcohol metabolism. As we get older, our ability to metabolize alcohol decreases, which leads to a greater sensitivity to its effects. You may find that what you could drink when you were younger brings bigger consequences as you get older.

In a nutshell, alcohol metabolism is the key to not waking up with a headache, feeling foggy, or experiencing an upset stomach after a night (or day) of drinking. As we mature, we make fewer enzymes, which slows our metabolism. By taking Anytime You Drink Vitamins after every 5 or fewer drinks, you’ll wake up feeling better than expected.

H-PROOF is easy to use and portable, too. The chewable vitamins come in three tasty flavors: Lemonade, Tangerine, and Black Cherry. You can purchase a container or get them in handy on-the-go packets that fit discreetly in your purse or pocket. If you realize you might need a little boost the next day, simply take them as soon as possible after your last drink. A full serving is 2 tablets, and to get the best effect, take a full serving after every 5 (or fewer) drinks. And if you either forgot to take H-PROOF after drinking or still don’t feel great the next morning, you can take a full serving when you wake up.

Peace of Mind

H-Proof Product

H-PROOF is calorie-, carb-, sugar-, and gluten-free. It’s patented, independent lab tested, and based on science-backed, peer-reviewed research. The active ingredients won’t make your eyes cross when trying to read them either (regardless of how many cocktails you’ve had). They include:

  • B Vitamins – Promote enzymes that power alcohol metabolism
  • Antioxidants – Support the body’s natural defenses against free radicals
  • Liver Supporters – Promote healthy liver function and metabolism
  • Vitamin C and Zinc – Support the immune system and cellular health
  • Electrolytes – Hydrate and help rebalance the brain, heart, and body

While we certainly aren’t encouraging anyone to go on a bender or see this as a way to drink irresponsibly, we see value in a resource that can help you maintain a social life without the headache, fuzzy brain, or stomach ache that it can include. So, as you gear up for a season full of celebrating life’s transitions, feel better doing it. Enjoy that glass of champagne you’ve had to decline so often because you know it’ll make your head hurt. Toast the graduates and newlyweds in your life. And when you get back to reality the next day? Feel better doing it.

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