Every Day is Earth Day When You’re Connected to Nature

Connected to Nature

If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be to slow down and enjoy an undisturbed moment every day. A pretty simple way to grasp on to isolated thinking would be to take a walk outside and open your eyes to nature and its surrounding beauty. Our minds are always thinking too much, too fast, and too far ahead. We need to learn to be happy in a moment because that could very well be tomorrow’s most cherished memory. When you’re connected to nature, every day really is Earth Day.

Being a Supermom was a Fallacy

Having cocktails with girlfriends yesterday we talked about how hard it is to raise children in today’s society. The biggest myth our generation was brainwashed with was that multitasking made us powerful and successful, thus the brand we all strived to attain was “Supermom.” Women need to stop believing we can do it all. I guess here we could say it’s about life’s quality not the quantity of tasks that really matter.

Learning More About Mindful Thinking

If I could go back and tell my 40 something self, it would be not to let time slip away. God knew we could only handle so much and that is why he gives us 24 hours in a day. We need to focus more on less. How many times have you had a mishap because you were trying to do too much at one time. Whether you slipped down the stairs, cut your finger, or stubbed a toe, I bet it was because you were rushing to get something checked off a never ending to do list. Hurrying only makes things matters worse. In most cases feeling rushed physically will also bring on emotional anxiety.

Allowing yourself down time will eventually build your emotional endurance. Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Stress along with feelings of being overwhelmed can cause major physical health issues. Women as caretakers and constant doers need to learn how to embrace a healthy mindset. As nurturers this isn’t easy because we are accustomed to taking care of everyone else before we look after ourselves.

How Can You Find Inner Peace and Calmness?

Woman Taking a Nature WalkA simple, easy way to start finding calmness in your life would be to take a nature walk. Head outdoors and observe the beauty you are surrounded by. Breath in the fresh air, focus on each step your taking, feel the sun or a warm breeze on your face. By heightening your senses and taking in your surroundings, you are living in the moment aka mindful thinking. You don’t have to walk far; you could even spend time in a park or your yard. Start out small by allowing yourself at least ten minutes a day to quietly absorb secluded thinking outdoors. Doing so should bring you peace of mind, and it comes at no additional cost!

Mindful thinking will take discipline and practice, but it will help you gain a more positive perspective on life. We all have struggles, but then again, we all experience happiness too. Learning to have a positive outlook will prepare you to better handle tough times by better accepting in time they will pass. In good times, an appreciative mindset will teach us gratefulness.

There’s something very magical about the serenity of nature. Watching a sunrise brings hope and anticipation of the day to come, where as watching a sunset brings feelings of peace and expectations for tomorrow.

One way or another take advantage of the free therapy that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us and get outside. Treat yourself to an exploring nature walk. You’re not only going to be doing something good for your body with exercise, you will also be enriching your soul. Finding delight in the marvel of ever-changing nature will help you prioritize your life and be a better you.


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