Caring For Your Pets in an Eco-Friendly Way

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Perhaps one of the most comforting aspects during these past few weeks of having to “shelter in place and stay at home” 24/7 is the unconditional love and attention pet owners have received from their treasured 4-footed family members.

Because of the COVID-19 distraction to our lives, even the most loyal pet lover may not have realized that we are in the midst of Pet Awareness Month. It starts in May for the U.S., but It began in the U.K. Apr. 1 and runs through May 10—a time when animal lovers are called on to focus on the rewards and benefits of owning a pet while also encouraging them to recognize the responsibilities of caring for and protecting them. Two newly launched products—NIXALL®PRO Vet Response “Skin and Coat Grooming Solution” and NIXALL®PRO Cleanser/Deodorizer are ideal products with healthy and deodorizing benefits for your pets.

Research indicates that 80-percent of pet owners care for their pets like children and another 79-percent believe their pets should eat the same quality of food as people. So it is only fitting that pet owners would also want their pets to be cared for with products that keep their skin and coat clean, moisturized, healthy and eliminate pet odor.

NIXALL®PRO products are designed to do just that. These Gruene Anolyte products come from the same company that makes the Class IV EPA-approved disinfectant GrungeWashRx for hard surfaces, recently launched this line of products for your pets at

NIXALL®PRO Cleanser/Deodorizer

If you’re looking for a pet odor eliminator, look no further. According to Mary Palko, co-founder of Gruene Anolyte, NIXALL®PRO Cleanser/Deodorizer not only eliminates odors, it is also gentle enough for skin contact with pets and humans. “This product does not just mask odors, it oxidizes them, eliminating odors such as skunk, trash, wet fur, cigarette smoke, litter box and kennel smells. And it does so without the use of harsh chemicals, sulfates or perfumes,” Palko says.

Palko advises that NIXALL®PRO Cleanser can also be used as an everyday/household cleanser for kitchens and bathrooms as well as it can be used in humidifiers or air cleaning systems to remove unwanted odors. It is useful in the car and ideal when traveling in airports, hotels and rest stops. In addition to being valuable for your pet’s odors, it also eliminates household odors.

NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Skin & Coat Grooming Solution

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If you want to ensure that your pet’s skin is going to remain soft with a shiny, healthy, hydrated coat and be free of odors, Palko says NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Grooming Solution is the one product that does it all. It’s a no-rinse, one-step cleanser that hydrates, moisturizes and deodorizes and is gentle for animals of all ages.

“NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Grooming Solution is made with all-natural ingredients,” says Palko. “The solution is gentle for use around eyes, nose, ears and mouth and works great for all animals, including reptiles and birds.”

The grooming solution neutralizes odors such as feces and skunk smell without irritation or the use of harmful deodorants and perfumes. Dry patches and itchy, irritated skin can be soothed with no harm if licked or ingested, which keeps your animals comfortable, happy and odor-free without the use of harmful deodorants and perfumes. It’s perfect for daily use on pets or equine animals and can be added to the bath or rinse water for an extra clean.

Both products have been specifically designed to provide a natural, eco-friendly alternative to other products containing harsh chemicals, and a great pet odor eliminator.

Given that nearly 50-percent of pet owners are known to purchase clothing or fashion accessories for their pets, doesn’t it make sense that as much thought be given to the grooming and well-being of your beloved four-legged friends?

To begin grooming your pets in this healthy manner, buy NIXALL®PRO Vet Response “Skin and Coat Grooming Solution” and NIXALL®PRO Cleanser/Deodorizer at