Empowering Women Over 50: Our Journey of Creating ‘Prime Women’

Living a life with purpose is something we all strive for, more so at this time of our lives than ever before. Here's how you can do that.
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In a world where ageism and stereotypes about women persist, the need for empowerment and mentorship for women over the age of 50 is more vital than ever. The journey to self-discovery and personal growth often continues beyond middle age, and women in this age group have a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to offer. This article tells our story of defying ageism and launching our own magazine, “,” to empower and uplift women over 50. Through mentorship and a shared vision, Valerie Freeman, Jan Fletcher, and I are making a difference in the lives of women who have reached this remarkable stage of life.

Meet the Visionaries: Founders of Prime Women

I’m Dorthy Miller Shore, and I embarked on this incredible journey alongside my partners, Valerie Freeman and Jan Fletcher. Together, we recognized the glaring lack of representation and empowerment for women over 50 and decided to do something about it. Our journey began when we reached our own 50s and realized that society’s obsession with youth often overshadows the wisdom, confidence, and beauty that come with age. Determined to make a difference, we took the courageous step of creating a platform that celebrates and empowers women in their prime years.

The Power of Mentoring

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Mentoring plays a pivotal role in empowering women over 50. For us, the concept of mentorship is central to the mission of “Prime Women.” Through our networking events, we provide a space where women can connect and learn from one another, sharing their experiences and supporting each other’s growth. The power of mentoring lies in the ability to learn from someone who has walked a similar path, overcome challenges, and reached a place of strength and self-assurance.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of “Prime Women” is the mentoring circles that have formed organically. Women from different backgrounds, professions, and life experiences have come together to offer guidance, encouragement, and wisdom to one another. These mentorship relationships have helped many women find their voices, overcome obstacles, and embrace their true potential.

Valerie, Jan, and I have taken on the role of mentors to many women who aspire to make a difference in their lives after turning 50. Our collective journey from various career backgrounds to becoming successful entrepreneurs is a testament to the possibilities that open up when women support one another. Our mentoring style is one of inclusivity, positivity, and a strong belief that age is an asset, not a liability.

The Impact of “Prime Women”

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“Prime Women” is more than just an online magazine; it’s a movement that is making a significant impact on the lives of women over 50. The stories featured in the magazine inspire readers to redefine their own narratives and embrace new opportunities, whether it’s pursuing a new career, starting a business, or embarking on personal growth journeys.

Our vision has led to a ripple effect, as countless women have found their purpose and passion, often with the guidance of mentors they met through the magazine. Women who may have felt invisible or overlooked in their 50s are now experiencing a sense of empowerment and a resurgence of self-esteem. Encouraged by our success, we will launch a brand new 24/7 cable/satellite television network in the fall of 2024. While we represent 20% of the population, we are only 8% of actors on screen. We believe that Prime Women Network is an idea whose time has come!


Our journey to create Prime Women Media and the impact of our mentorship within the platform exemplifies the transformative power of empowering women over 50. As we continue to inspire women to embrace their prime years and redefine aging with confidence, we remind us all that age should never be a barrier to reaching new heights in life. Through mentorship and support, women can empower one another and collectively shatter the stereotypes that have held them back for far too long. Prime Women Media stands as a beacon of hope and change, illuminating the path for countless women to follow their dreams, pursue their passions, and thrive in their prime years.


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