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Don’t Play With Your Future – Go All In

Don’t Play With Your Future – Go All In- Life Change

Ready to Make a Life Change?

I have met a multitude of people who want to make changes in their life. Some look at a different career while others focus on health and fitness. Many look to the future for what will be next in their life. My conversations with them often encompass ideas of what they want to do but no concrete plans of action or commitment. Are you thinking of a life change? Have you thought it through? How will you make this transformation? Are you serious? If you’re ready to take the needed steps, ask yourself, “What’s next?”

Making a life change is difficult. It takes some soul searching. It’s not a quick decision. Look at the things holding you back. What excuses you are using? How will you overcome them? Planning is important to set yourself up for winning. It’s important to become self-accountable and accountable to others.

Begin By Answering A Few Questions

Why do you want to change at this time? What has helped you in the past when making a change? What do you believe would help you now with this life change? What do you think you need to learn to begin this type of change?

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This recent interaction with a client is a good example of someone ready to make a serious life change. After giving it a good amount of thought and talking about it for quite a while, they declared it was time to make the life change. They started putting everything in motion – goal setting, planning and discussing. Finally, they concluded they were ready to go “all in.” Like the poker bet, “all in” means placing everything into the pot. To make alterations in your life, you must put all your full effort and resources towards accomplishing what you want.


Start With a Commitment

Being “all in” means no turning back. Your commitment brings your odds in favor of achieving your goal. Committing is the strongest attribute to accomplishing change. It’s usually the deciding factor between winning and losing what you want.  Commitment will help you triumph in a weak moment when temptation looms over you. “All in” will help keep you focused on the path to your goal.

Plan & Celebrate

Put a plan down in writing to get to the goal. Imagine obstacles that will crop up and decide ahead how you will overcome these setbacks. Rally a support system to be your cheerleaders who help you celebrate along the way. Share your struggles and achievements with these people. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back when you tackle an obstacle or see an accomplishment.

Set Rewards

Decide now what to reward yourself for points of progress. Reward yourself with each obstacle overcome and milestone reached. Look for ways to keep the momentum going as you get closer to reaching your goal. And remember to visualize the final destination. Create a picture board of your vision. Make a list of what you reap for your achievements.

Don’t Look Back

Keep looking to the future. Remember if you are not “all in” then your chances for accomplishing that goal may not be realistic. Do your homework and dig deep inside to find the commitment you need to lead you where you want to go.

“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius

>>Are you’re really ready to go “all in” for your second act, but could use some coaching and peer support? We have a fantastic Second Act program to help you work through this process. Make the commitment for support.


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