Are You Informed or Transformed?

Are You Informed or Transformed?


Our brains are hard wired to learn, from the moment we are born. And it’s fun to learn. My curious brain regularly checks out the latest research for ideas, facts and interesting topics. Intellectual stimulation keeps me fresh and current. I’ll never stop studying the newest trends or stats on Professional Presence and Leadership Branding. But what do I do with all this?

I can say with conviction that if what I’ve learned is important to me, it’s transformational.

When facilitating workshops, I’m intentional in developing the session with adult learning approaches that can be transformational to participants who absorb and apply the lessons; thus, be changed by what they read or hear. Assuming the attendees come wanting to learn, then, and only then, will they apply the principles that can change behavior, ways of thinking or how they make decisions.

When you learn, how do YOU use the material—or do you?

Example of Transformational Learning

Here’s the story of a committed client who made application in his personal life. (Now that’s super delicious!)

A client hired me to coach him in developing his social skills. He was recently divorced and dating was new to him. So, how could he become more socially savvy to attract dates who would enjoy his company? His transformational goals included communicating with pizzazz, leveling up his personality, developing a compelling elevator introduction, and upgrading his image and clothing. Now the test – did he just suck in the information or did it sink in? Practicing and deliberately demonstrating what he had learned, he met and married a lovely young woman and lived happily thereafter, just like in the movies. He took information and applied it in a way that became transformational in his life.

When new knowledge is applied and practiced, it shows growth and makes you a more interesting person. Being interesting allows others to have meaningful conversations with you, even sharing different perspectives. The more you communicate with others, the more successful you will be in life. The more successful you are, the more enthusiasm you’ll have for everything you do.

As the commercial says, “What’s in your wallet?” I’ll switch the word to “What’s in your knowledge”— that can become transformational?

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