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50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #15 Do Blondes Have More Fun?!

Going Blonde

The problem with having industrial strength thick hair, that once upon time was Auburn, is it shows the grey without a second thought. And having gone darker over recent years, the sides of my hair resembled some kind of misshaped badger. It was not a good look.

Of course I could just embrace the flecks of silver and let them eventually take over my whole head…Although I do think the ‘silver fox’ look is best left to the likes of Gary Linnekar and Philip Schofield. So, there was only thing for it really…..time to embrace my inner ‘bombshell’ and go blonde!

Now I have had blonde highlights before so I’m not totally adverse to the peroxide bottle but to go completely blonde? Eeek! A whole host of emotions rushed through me as I sat in the hairdressers…And even more ‘what if’s’. What if it comes out green? What if it doesn’t even cover the grey? And the biggest…what if I don’t suit being a full-on blonde?!

But I went armed with a picture and having already discussed the colour change with my Super Star Stylist, we had some idea of the look we wanted to create. Of course, the reality could be something very different….

Stage 1 of going blonde involved painting the peroxide on my hair, wrapping it in plastic and sitting in the warm salon (yes, right next to the window) and trying not to faint. Of all the times my crazy late 40’s body temperature decides to throw a wobbler and overheat is when I’m looking my least glamorous. More than luck by judgement, I stayed upright, drank water and didn’t embarrass myself by hitting the salon floor. Phew!

Stage 2 and the bleach was rinsed off….and I nearly died. Looking back at me was a head of bright yellowish hair. Noooooo! All my worst hair nightmares flashed across my face and I felt a soothing hand on my shoulder. My hairdresser smiled gently and whispered ‘don’t worry, it’s not staying like this’. Phew!

A toner was applied, I sat under the dryer and out of the warm window and read about celebrities I’d never heard of. This is why I love a long appointment…as well as being transformed, I get to realise my own life is actually not too bad.

Eventually I was back at the sink for the final rinse and in front of the mirror before I could say …..wowzers. I have blonde hair. Not trashy blonde but a really cool (as in tone) ash blonde that looks friggin amazing!

The cutting, styling, primping and waxing process continued, and I left a short while later looking and feeling like a different woman. 2 1/2 hrs earlier I’d walked in feeling flat, grey and definitely off colour….in more ways than one. But now, well now I’d had some much-needed colour injected into my life and I left with a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye.

Experience 15

Now it had to be said I’m not, and never have been, one of those women who get admiring glances, smiles from strangers or doors held open….I could be wearing a bunny outfit and thigh high boots and I’m sure I’d still be invisible to the opposite sex.

But as I stopped off at the supermarket on my way home, I caught the eye of a man as we passed through the door. And he smiled. A proper smile, not just a polite smile either.

So, who knows? Maybe going blonde will have more of an impact on my life than I thought. And I’m more than ready to test the theory of blondes having more fun!

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