Prime Community "What Does Living Well Mean to You?"

PRiME Community: “What Does Living Well Mean to You?”

Living Well

The Secret to Living Well and Longer:

Eat Half, Walk Double, Laugh Triple, Love Without Measure

On our “About Us” page, we describe PRiME Women as a lifestyle guide for living well not just living longer. We thought it would be interesting to survey our authors to find out what living well meant to them. Below are some of our contributing editors’ definition of living well.

“Eat healthy, exercise, spend time with family and friends, have your own interests, and spend time between your own two ears.” – Linda Fanaras

“Living well to me means pursuing ones purpose and passion in life whilst still being able to enjoy precious time with family and dear friends.” – Jan Fletcher

“I know I am living well when I am physically and emotionally able to enjoy the things that mean the most to me.” – Karyl Innis

“Living well means having the luxury and support of my family to follow new ideas without worrying they might not like them; having the support of a brilliant team at work to keep trying new things; fantastic doctors that support and keep me going despite not great health problems.” – Victoria Tomlinson

“Having the health and vitality to do what I love to do, with those I want to do it, and make a lasting difference in the lives of others.” – Debra Atkinson

“Living well to me means having the opportunity to spend plenty of time  with my husband, friends and remaining family members. It also means having the hours to nourish my rich inner life through reading, attending operas, ballets, plays and also by drawing and painting. Life is one long fascinating occasion to enlarge your mind, to strengthen your soul and body if you just remain open and accepting of all that is happening around you.” – Dianne Patterson

“Happiness. Life is short and I want to do the things I love to do with people who love and enjoy the same things.” – Paula Lambert

“Living well to me is a day off when I can walk on the beach hand and hand with my husband and doggie. Watching a quiet sunset with a lovely glass of wine as we hear the waves breaking on the sand. Life’s simple pleasures, making the time to know at that moment how lucky we were to find each other how fortunate we are to be alive and have this moment.” – Paul Labrecque

“Living well means being in good health, happy, joyous, free and physically fit.”  Valerie Freeman

“Living well means…
Having loved ones around you.
Having the means to go where you’ve always wanted to go.
Being fulfilled spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Knowing that you have friends who have your best interests at heart.” – Tricia Conover

“Living well for me means focusing on the eternal rather than the temporal. If I’m ever in doubt about my priorities, I only need ask myself if what I’m fussing over will really matter once I leave this earth, if it doesn’t, I can put it at the bottom of my list so I don’t miss what is of true and lasting value.”  – Dorthy Shore


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