Travel Hacks for Simple Packing

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming. With these simple tricks and tips, however, the process will feel like a breeze.
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Your trip is booked, and now it’s packing day, but you need to figure out where to start. Everyone is excited but you because you don’t know how everything will fit in suitcases. I completely understand as I’ve been there before. But you’ve come to the right place to learn about travel hacks for simple packing. Don’t dread this part of your trip—instead, try these simple tips to help prepare everyone for the trip! Here are fantastic travel hacks for packing that will help you not stress.

Travel Hacks For Simple Packing

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman packing her things into a suitcase at home before travellingFor many people, packing is the worst part of traveling. I used to start packing for a trip two weeks ahead, only to find myself digging in the suitcase to get something I needed. I don’t do that anymore—now I pack the night before and have learned to wear it twice. Why, yes, I wear pants at least twice, maybe even three times. Traveling solo is one thing, but it can get even trickier for those traveling with family—grandkids included.Whether packing for a road trip or a flight, you’ll want to tell each person they only get one suitcase and one carry-on—and that includes a purse. Get the entire family involved in the packing process. Please don’t do it all yourself. If you have family members who must pack 15 different outfits for a 4-day vacation, you may need to sit them down for a talk.Finding ways to pack efficiently and effectively for your trip doesn’t have to be complicated. These super simple travel hacks and tips can help. Let’s turn your upcoming vacation into an adventure you’re looking forward to!

Everyone Packs Their Own Bag

Letting your older kids and your husband pack their own bags will save you time and energy. Plus, they’ll have no one else to blame when they realize they have forgotten something. Have everyone make a list of their packing essentials. Have a meeting after dinner, give everyone paper and a pen or pencil, and let them write down what they need and want to pack. Then you can go over it with them. Let them take charge of the trip and pack their bags to see how much work it is! You may be surprised by the outcome.

How to Save Space When Packing

Happy mature couple closing suitcaseThe main thing to remember is that you need to use every bit of space you can! The inside of shoes and hats are great spaces that people often leave empty, and doing so leaves a ton of wasted space. Instead, stick your deodorant or a small bag that contains your jewelry inside your shoes or hat. Anything that you can fit in will work! Remember the corners of your suitcase too. Also, do as I do, and wear a pair of pants more than once—that way, you can pack less.

Use A Travel Kit For Toiletries

Invest in a TSA-approved travel kit instead of packing all your toiletry bottles. These types of kits are sold at major retailers like Target or Walmart. I always have mine filled with my essentials; whether I pack it or carry it on, my travel kit is ready.

Put Shoes At The Bottom Of Your Suitcase

People never think about where they’re packing their shoes, but they should! Shoes are dirty, and those soles have been worn everywhere. Instead of placing them on top of your clean clothes in your suitcase, put your shoes in a bag first, then pack them on the bottom. Those dirty soles can’t touch anything if they are in a bag with everything else stacked on top!

Keep A Smaller Bag With You

Life happens. And you never know what it’s going to bring. When something unexpected occurs, who has time to pull over, run to the trunk, and start digging around all the suitcases, looking for what they need? Cut out those steps, pack a small bag, and have it in front of the car. Put in a change of clothes, a first aid kit, some batteries, and anything else you might need. You’ll find that this simple step will save you so much time, energy, and frustration. This also works for a carry-on bag on a plane. 

Think Before Packing

Senior Couple In Bedroom Packing Suitcase For VacationThink about what you need and cut it in half. We always think we need more than we do. I used to pack so many clothes and didn’t wear half of what I took.See how simple these travel hacks are? Instead of getting stressed out about packing and planning, try implementing these travel tips. These minor changes can make your trip or vacation much more relaxed and fun!Read More:Packing for an Extended Trip: A Fashionista and Product Junkie’s TipsCruise Packing ListAcross the Pond: One Bag Packing