Not Your Mother’s Facelift

All of us have seen a facelift surgery result that is not ideal. Too pulled, distorted or a change that is limited to only one area of the face leaving a disharmonious result. The good news is that facelift surgery results have improved dramatically over the last 10 years due to a variety of new […]

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Intraocular Lens: Not Your Granny’s Cataract Surgery

Thirteen years ago I began to notice my near vision was becoming a little blurry. I had undergone Lasik surgery 10 years earlier on my left eye to improve near vision and the right eye was left untouched for distance. Before that, I had worn one contact on the left eye to correct the blurry […]

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All About The Different Types of Dental Implants Maybe you had parents or grandparents who used to take their teeth out at night and put them in a jar. It’s not a pretty sight! Luckily for our generation, technology has marched along and provided a better solution: dental implants. I’m the happy owner of one […]

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How to Remove Seborrheic Keratoses by Freezing

Halloween seems the perfect time to discuss the ugly barnacles that start to show up on face and body in these otherwise wonderful prime years. Looking at the 10X mirror, I saw the nasty growths along the side of my face and thought, “Oh no, I can’t believe it! I am starting to look like […]

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