Our featured destinations articles cover everything from the exotic to the familiar with don’t miss travel tips for the seasoned traveler.

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Our featured destinations articles cover everything from the exotic to the familiar with don’t miss travel tips for the seasoned traveler.

Visit Boston
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Boston: A Living Timeline

Yes, I live in the boonies of Southern Vermont, and I like it that way. But even in this pastoral wonderland, I regularly require a true Big City fix,... Read More
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Between Fiction and Reality, Montmartre

For many, Montmartre is the loveliest village in Paris. Artists have immortalized it in hundreds of paintings, songs and movies for decades. Therefore... Read More
Grand Teton National Park
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Treasures of the Tetons

Grand Teton National Park is justly famous for its towering peaks, alpine lakes, hiking trails, and abundant wildlife. I first visited the park in 199... Read More
slovenia travel
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Detour Through Slovenia: Dragons, Caves and Castles

Even nowadays, it is still possible to explore Slovenian wonders without too many crowds. While one encounters a few buses filled with tourists in the... Read More
Venice islands
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Away from Venice, Into the Lagoon

Leaving Venice behind for a day and enjoying the pleasures offered by other smaller and perhaps more picturesque islands in the lagoon is an unforgett... Read More
things to do in golden gate park
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In Search of San Francisco – Part 2

In my first post of this series, I introduced readers to some of the lesser known attractions on San Francisco’s waterfront. This time, I’m going ... Read More
things to do in Rome
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Things To Do in Rome in Just One Day

I've been asked about things to do in Rome if you are there for just one day. First of all, you must realize that the center of Rome is just like a li... Read More
visit Santa Barbara
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Visit Santa Barbara and Solvang with Children

Wine tasting around Santa Barbara is an easy outing for anyone visiting Los Angeles. Adults enjoy a relaxing time sipping wine, of course. But when tr... Read More
English Channel Islands
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Relaxing in the English Channel Islands

Off the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, several small islands compose the archipelago of the English Channel Islands. They have managed to keep their ... Read More
things to do in Copenhagen
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The Many Faces of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a fascinating city and worth a few days visit. History and traditions are visible everywhere, mixed with a vibr... Read More
Falkland Islands
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Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas? Depends Who You Ask

For years I have wanted to travel to the Falkland Islands. I am not sure why. Perhaps it was to understand why in 1982 the British Empire would send t... Read More
Portes du Soleil
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Ski Destination: Avoriaz and les Portes du Soleil

Located on both sides of the French-Swiss border south of Lake Geneva, Portes du Soleil lists more than 370 miles (600 km) of ski runs. In previous ye... Read More