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Prime Women are living rich lives. Read about their social scene here and in Great Britain.

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Prime Women are living rich lives. Read about their social scene here and in Great Britain.

Social drinking feature
Social Scene

Alternatives to Social Drinking

A few years ago, I declined a drink at a friend's birthday celebration. My choice was met with a sneer from the host, who looked me up and down and sa... Read More
Woman dining alone at a sidewalk cafe

Table for One: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Feel Awkward Dining Alone

Dining alone almost feels like a social taboo. Few people seem to like eating alone at restaurants. Meanwhile, many people act like being seen dining ... Read More
Attending a college reunion changes as you age.
Social Scene

Prepping for a College Reunion – Pre and Post 50

I’m blessed with friendships across many generations. They provide a broader perspective on life than the limited view from my own age group. I rece... Read More
You are never too old to get a tattoo
Social Scene

You’re Not Too Old For… a Tattoo

If you think tattoos are only for sailors, soldiers, bikers, and millennials, think again — because you are part of the largest age group getti... Read More
Chinese New Year Celebration
Social Scene

Our Guide to the Chinese New Year Celebration

Here we are, fresh into the Year of the Pig, having just passed the Chinese New Year celebration! In the Chinese zodiac, there are 12 animals used ... Read More
Zodiac Signs and Aging
Social Scene

Aging Gracefully According to Your Zodiac Sign

Is how you age written in the stars? We don't know, but it's fun to think about. Here are our very unscientific predictions about how the zodiac signs... Read More
Diane Paddison Charity Wallace with Bush Sisters
Social Scene

An Evening with the Bush Twins: Sisters First

This past weekend I was included in an event hosted by 4word, a national organization with 22 local groups across the U.S. serving professional Chris... Read More
living well
Social Scene

Living Well and Longer: Prime Women Hosts Wellness Conference

Last week, Prime Women hosted our first event in the U.S., Living Well. As women of the ageless generation, we want to not only live longer, we want t... Read More
Social Scene

Editor’s Note: September Plans and August Posts

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful August. At Prime, we are getting organized for fall - finalizing the details of our upcoming event, addin... Read More
popular acronyms
Social Scene

BTW, RU UTD on UR Acronyms?

They Pop Up Everywhere! You cannot read an online news magazine or blog without the copy being chock-a-block with acronyms. Many of which I believe ar... Read More
Most Beautiful Museums in the World
Social Scene

Most Beautiful Museums in the World – Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands is a great city with some of the most beautiful museums in the world. I had the good fortune to travel there on business and tr... Read More
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
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Watercolor Exhibition at Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Has a Texas Theme

Let’s add one more fun thing to do while visiting Santa Fe, NM. The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum located at 217 Johnson Street in Santa Fe, NM currently... Read More