Helpful tips and advice on managing your money and finances as we make our plan for living well – not just living long.

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Helpful tips and advice on managing your money and finances as we make our plan for living well – not just living long.

saving for retirement
Money & Finance

Save More for Retirement With These 5 Tips

Sponsored Post Even if you are juggling other financial goals, here are some steps from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management to help you get back on tr... Read More
cognitive decline
Money & Finance

When Memory Fades: Planning for Care

    With the incidence of Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline projected to rise, this insight from Merrill Lynch We... Read More
income producing assets
Money & Finance

Are You Interested in Real Estate Investments?

With the recent turmoil in the stock markets, perhaps you’re ready to re-invest some of your reserves into residential real estate and income produc... Read More
Are you choosing an appraiser to appraiser your property? Make sure your appraiser is qualified.
Money & Finance

Help! Choosing a Qualified Personal Property Appraiser

As a certified appraiser, a valuation specialist, through Appraisers International Society (AiS), I'd like to share my expertise and advice for hiring... Read More
wealth management
Money & Finance

Wealth Management and the Best Financial Advice I Ever Received

This post was contributed by Nancy McKeon, our friend at mylittlebird.com.  When you get to a certain stage in life where you've amassed a bit of... Read More
Money & Finance

“We’re All Jock Tamson’s Bairns” – Compassion and Scottish Values 

"We're all Jock Tamson's bairns" is a popular saying in Scotland. The Reverend John Thomson (Jock Tamson) was a much-loved minister of Duddingston Kir... Read More
intentional giving
Money & Finance

Thanksgiving: A Great Time to Create a Strategy for Intentional Giving

Do you have a strategy for intentional giving? I am told, and have witnessed first-hand, that even people who are very intentional about their own per... Read More
managing your portfolio
Money & Finance

Playing with Dough: 10 Steps for Managing Your Portfolio to Last a Lifetime

This summer, I took a 4 hour course at King Arthur Cooking School in Vermont. The class was titled “Bread Making 101.” My mother was an accomplish... Read More
money matters
Money & Finance

Money Matters: Having Everything May Lead to Having Nothing

Finding yourself suddenly single is a journey that must be traveled. There are no shortcuts. But there is hope. As former governor Ann Richards said a... Read More
digital currency
Money & Finance

What’s in Your Wallet? The Future of Digital Currency

Stand in line at a coffee shop and watch people paying for their drinks and snacks. One person slips a card into a machine. Another customer waves or ... Read More
protect your wealth
Money & Finance

Are You a Potential Target? Protect Your Wealth Today

Have you heard the story of the bag lady who was sued for $10 million? I didn’t think so. Lawsuits aren’t typically filed against poor people; the... Read More
retirement spending
Money & Finance

Retirement Spending and Saving: 5 Steps to Put your Mind at Ease

Approaching retirement can be a scary time. What will I do with my time? Will I have enough money to live the life I want? What will give my life mean... Read More