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Helpful tips and advice on managing your money and finances as we make our plan for living well – not just living long.

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Helpful tips and advice on managing your money and finances as we make our plan for living well – not just living long.

As women, we have different financial needs than men.
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Women & Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line

Today women’s lifelong financial wellness is at a tipping point. Thanks to a seismic shift toward women’s growing personal and financial power, th... Read More
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Eldercare: Will You Be Ready?

Whether you are caring for a loved one or are concerned that you will need care yourself, the emotional and financial costs can be life altering. It's... Read More
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How a Personal Loan Affects Your Mortgage Application

There could be many reasons you are seeking a mortgage beyond your 50s. Maybe you're recently single. You are combining homes. Or you are ready to dow... Read More
Talking about the state of your finances is an important way to reduce financial anxiety about back to school/college season.
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How To Ease Financial Anxiety With Kids Going Back To School or College

Financial anxiety with kids going back to school/college is no minor issue. Parents are responsible for buying school supplies, saving for college tui... Read More
Westwood Holdings Wealth Advisor
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The Gift of Starting Young: Setting the Foundation For Financial Success

Sponsored Post You might say Melissa McMillian was born for the position she now holds as a Senior Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor. “I’v... Read More
Will Legacy Planning Last Will and Testament concept
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Will Your Will Legacy be Helpful or Hurtful?

As an appraiser of estate properties, I not only appraise for estate purposes but also consult with estate representatives and families concerning est... Read More
woman shows notepad with the text we are equal
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Woman Power: How Women Shape the World

'Woman Power' is growing clout—as entrepreneurs, executives and consumers—the movement is changing how companies do business and spurring economic... Read More
Giving Back to the Community
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Five Tips for Meaningful Philanthropy

Giving back to the community seems to reach a fevered pitch in December because there are lots of opportunities to help make sure the holidays are spe... Read More
Senior Discounts Feature
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To Discount or Not to Discount, That is the Question

It’s a Reward You’re having lunch at a restaurant. Will you ask if they offer senior discounts? You’re making reservations for a hotel. Do yo... Read More
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Retired? Now What?

A survey from Merrill Lynch explores Americans' attitudes toward leisure in retirement-and how to make the most of that newfound freedom. Having time... Read More
financial issues
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Are You The Family Bank?

Sponsored Post If you are the person your family turns to for financial support, these insights from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management could help you... Read More
you've been hacked
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5 Signs of Digital Hacking You Need to Know

As a computer or internet user, do you always know when you've been hacked? A few years ago, malicious hackers might have cried for attention because ... Read More