Prime Women Leaders are Self-Aware


Just hearing the word “leader” brings to mind certain attributes. As Prime Women, we lead with dedication, influence, expertise, and confidence. There’s another important Brand Attribute not to miss—a big dose of self-awareness, or in other terms, Emotional Intelligence. There are tons of books written on the subject and assessments to check yours. So what IS it? And how do you know if you have it? By definition self-awareness is “the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.” Emotional Intelligence is Intelligence regarding the emotions, especially in the ability to monitor one’s own or others’ emotions. That sounds easy enough to understand. Yet, in coaching women leading in their non-profit undertakings, in their roles on board positions, and everyday management activities, it’s amazing how often I see women “lose it” in the heat of stressful situations just because we let our emotions overrule our thoughtful actions. So ask yourself:

  • Are you aware of what others’ body language and behaviors might be saying?
  • Do you sense friction arising during conversations? Can you recognize the message given by certain facial expressions or gestures?
  • What’s the atmosphere around you on any given day? Is it high-energy or low morale?

Self-awareness is an important trait that intentionally moves a good leader to an outstanding leader by keeping your strong brand presence in check. Rate yourself to determine if you’ve “got it.”

  1. Do you show empathy toward others? People need to know you care before they care about what you know.
  2. Does your presence exude leadership without having to use a title? Lead by being an influencer, one who is willing to work alongside people and help them reach their goals.
  3. Do you take time to examine you? What are areas where you can improve?  I’ve heard it said “learning is K through 80+.” Leaders are learners.
  4. Do you ask for feedback? It takes courage, but it’s worth it to hear what others’ perspectives might be.
  5. Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? Let people get to know the real you! Yes, being vulnerable is a good thing. It shows you are a human being – not just a human doing!

It’s ok if you’re not having the best day. But, without harnessing your emotions, you could dis what is otherwise a strong presence. People are watching you and your demeanor is contagious.

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