8 Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

A new hairstyle can quickly elevate our look, but not all hairstyles work well with our face shape. Here are 8 great cuts for women with round faces.
Reese Witherspoon Ponytail

Face shapes and hairstyles can often feel like a tricky puzzle. It’s difficult to understand what style complements what face shape, and sometimes, we don’t realize we’ve chosen an unflattering style until we try something new. These eight hairstyles for women over forty will give you plenty of options for styling hair to flatter your round face.

Women with round shapes may have heard or feared that certain hairstyles would only draw attention to or intensify their face shape. Likewise, age is another contributing factor for women when deciding on hairstyles — is it too long? Too young? Too out there?

Age and face shape shouldn’t keep you from your favorite styles. And no hairstyle actually changes the face shape. However, if you want to master illusions of a thinner face, you’ll want to go for some face-elongating options. Here are our top eight recommendations for flattering hairstyles for women with a round face.

The Side Part

woman with gray hair and a side part, beautiful woman

Adding a deep side part is such an easy move for any hair length or texture because it slims out the face (No need to join in on the middle part fad!). The side part may be old news, but it’s been around so long for a reason. This classic go-to will flatter a round face at any age because of the asymmetrical look, which balances the round face shape very well and even hides part of the cheek on one side. This is also a look that works for thick or thin hair types. Add a side part while the hair is up or down to create the slimming illusion.

Long Loose Waves

Woman with long wavy hair and a round face

There is no rule against having longer hair over 40! In fact, rocking a longer look will help draw the eye down, elongating a rounder face shape. Adding in loose waves with this look is a great way to bring more focus to your hair, whereas a super sleek style might accidentally enhance the look of a fuller face. Avoid anything too full in the middle, and instead, shoot for loose, casual, and even messy waves for the best effect.

Teasing at the Root

woman with curly hair

Whether your hair is styled up, down, straight, or curly, adding visual interest and height at the root will draw the eye up and away from the fullest part of the face. This is ideal for creating that illusion of elongating a round face shape into a more oval look. Use a back brushing or backcombing technique to pull this off, and don’t shy away from an extra height up top for a more dramatic look.

The High Ponytail

Susan Sarandon Ponytail

Women who wish to camouflage a full face should not do low or even mid-height ponytails as these will only bring more attention to a round-shaped face. Instead, a high ponytail with volume at the root will serve to draw the eyes up and away from the fullest part of the face. Ponytails have no age limit, so women over 40 need not steer away from this hairstyle. A high ponytail is appropriate anywhere from the gym to a night out.

Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway Pixie

Often times, as we get older, our cuts get shorter and shorter. They certainly don’t have to, but if you want to rock a short haircut, take advantage of the beautiful and chic side-swept pixie cut. Contrary to what you may think about mixing short hair and full faces, this cut is extremely flattering because of the stark side sweeping in the front, drawing the eye away from the center.

Half-back with Face-Framing Layers

Woman with hair half pulled back with framing layers

Pulling the top of the hair back halfway and securing it with no see ties or bobby pins works well for women over 40. This look can be dressed up or down and used with a variety of lengths. To flatter a rounded face, leaving some face-framing layers that hit just below the chin is key. Side-swept bangs also work well with this look to help offset a round face shape.

Money Pieces

Multicolored hair or money pieces can soften a round face

A money piece is a great way to add visual interest right around the face, which is flattering for fuller faces as the eye is drawn to these contrasting pieces of hair. Money pieces are achieved by adding a lighter color or brighter highlight in a few face-framing chunks of hair. They can be subtle or more dramatic, but this is an easy way to achieve that face-slimming effect.

Vintage Curls

Woman with long brown curly hair

Large, round “vintage” curls are a beautiful and flattering style for women with round faces. This elegant look is perfect for women over 40 for a date night or a more formal event. A deep part with large, sleek, bouncy curls cascading down will help camouflage the roundest part of the face. Be sure to add volume at the root right where hair is parted to achieve this elegant, retro look.

We know choosing the right hairstyle to flatter and elongate a round face can seem like a challenge, and the last thing you want to do is select a style that adds to the look of your rounder face. As you’ve learned from this list of eight flattering hairstyles for women over 40 with round faces, lean on handy go-to tricks such as asymmetry, layers, volume, and length.

Asymmetrical looks will offset a round face shape, while deep parts can help to camouflage the fuller part of the chin. Volume and length draw the eye up or down and away from the roundest part of the face. Finally, layers and strategic face-framing add interest to draw the eye elsewhere, which is flattering to women with round faces.

Each of these hairstyles can work for women of any age but is perfect for women over 40 who are looking for easy methods to flatter their round face shape.

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