Post-Summer Hair

As summer comes to a close we all have to wonder, how we get our hair back in shape. Humidity, swimming, and sun have taken their toll. A color that was once vibrant seems to have faded to an orangey glow.

Bad hair day

What tricks are there to get my hair back in shape?

Your first visit should be to your hair cutter. Tired ends frayed by all the elements of summer will never again hold color with integrity. Yes, Girls, that means it’s time to cut them off. Take off any ends that look frayed or require extra heat to give them the appearance of luster. At this appointment treat yourself to an intensive conditioning treatment that will seal your new ends preparing your hair for your next appointment.

Off to the Colorist…


At your color appointment, there are a few things to remember after summer fun. The good life has made your hair more porous than before using your old formula may have different results. For example light brown can go darker when hair is thirsty because too much tone is absorbed.

I always suggest on Color day ask your colorist for a pre -color -treatment. Hydration being the most important factor for even color absorption. After this process your hair is ready for color. Have your colorist add a booster to your formula making your color as gentle and mild as possible. Perhaps use a shade lighter than normal for your eye has adjusted to the lighter color that comes with summer fun. When washing your hair later, add a post color conditioner AND, most importantly, end your treatment with an ice cold rinse. Your hair will have renewed shine, and revitalized elasticity.

HairCareProducts-300x282In the event your hair needs a little extra TLC, I would recommend the Paul Labrecque Repair Condition Restorative Protein Mask. Leave it on overnight, heating the oil in a mug of warm water and massage through your hair. In the morning shampoo with Repair Shampoo and finish with Repair Condition. In 5 weeks your hair will be restored.


I hope your summer was fabulous! Hair is our one renewable resource, so after the fun is over, have no frets. It’s all fixable.