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Holiday Hair

Snow Queen

December is the month where we seem to indulge a little more than we would like. It is a month of celebration, dressing up and having fun before that New Year’s resolution stops you in its tracks, making each one of us pay for our hedonistic pleasures. Enough diving into the future. Let’s stay with December for now!

I love the way December makes everyone attempt to dress a little smarter. I adore the addition of sparkle and glitz. I start looking early December for my own holiday outfit to wear at the Christmas party I have hosted for the last 3 decades honoring my staff. I strive to look my best for our yearly holiday gathering. This all makes me enjoy being a hair dresser.

The term hair dresser is something that was looked down upon in the early 80’s. You see, we all wanted to be Sassoon’s preferred word, stylist. It sounded more chic at the time. We were throwing hooded dryers out and revolutionizing free hair that self styled. Looking back, I would say we were embarrassed by our fore fathers and mothers who dressed their hair with rollers and pin curls to create art. That’s when the day came that I was hired to work a photo shoot and realized I was at a loss when it came to recreating hair from different periods of time.

You see, dressing hair is an art form. Like all art forms, the fundamentals must be taught. So, I decided to revolutionize my teaching to my junior staff. I brought back rollers, pin curls, braids, finger waves and yes, hooded dryers. I began to hone my own skill to dress hair and with that, honed the skill of many. I taught the meaning of plait, twist, chignon and wave. What we started was a mini revolution of New York social conscious women who like to dress for black ties, who want to look polished in the evening, and who yearn for a stylist to dress their hair.

I thought I would share with you a few pictures of this year’s night of style. I also want to urge you to challenge your stylist. Look outside your everyday box and reach for high fashion in your life. Sometimes dressing up makes you feel wonderful.

I hope all my readers have a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah, Quanta, or just plain ole Holiday Season.

Take the time to indulge, and in doing so, remember those who are less fortunate. On December 14th, we will host our 10th annual evening for battered women. We will dress up for these wonderful ladies as we dress their hair for future interviews. Clients will provide interview suits and toys for their children. Here is a Christmas Challenge: forgo a few gifts, and pick a charity to donate to someone less fortunate. Dress for Success, Gods Love We Deliver and  Meals on Wheels are a few organizations that you can donate to. We are receiving any donations for Sanctuary for Families through Prime Women. Let’s all remember those who have less as we doll up to share the beauty of the season.

Happy Holidays!

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