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how to have difficult conversations
Family & Friends

How to Have Difficult—But Necessary—Conversations

We’ve all avoided difficult conversations, or worse, engaged in toxic communication patterns that made things worse. The cause for it was a disagreement with a friend, a loved one, or perhaps with someone at work. Wherever it was, you probably experienced some stress about dealing with it. Well, you can… Read More
  • Kim Palfenier |
  • September 30, 2020
What's your ageotype?

There Are Four Ways To Age—What’s Your Ageotype?

How and why people age differently has been a long-time question for scientists and physicians. Good news—there may be some insight on the horizon. Results from recent research discovered markers that pointed to four distinct aging type categories—now known as ageotypes. Four types are defined, but there could be more—a… Read More
  • Kim Palfenier |
  • September 2, 2020

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Kim Palfenier is a well-rounded freelance writer, editor and facilitator who loves to share her good sense about her shortcomings and successes with family, sport, business, career, and ageing. Her knack for storytelling makes her hard-earned lessons relevant and straightforward. She is a mom of two likeable, thoughtful and funny guys and lives in the Kootenay mountain region of BC, Canada, with her husband—and a bunch of happy egg-laying chickens. It is her green thumb and athletic bones that keep her happy while playing in the garden or on the pickleball court.