Editor’s Note: October Treats


Hello, everyone! How was your September? We have been working on some exciting programs that will be rolling out soon – like our weight management program trial. Thank you to those  who have volunteered to participate!

Now, we have all sorts of treats lined up for you in October.

Fashion & Beauty

We are zooming in and taking a closer look at the fall trends – and at your fall/winter basics. After all, you may want to select some fashionable additions to your wardrobe. Celebrity stylist Wendy Iles has written about the right type of hairstyles for different face shapes, so you don’t want to miss that. Makeup artist Elizabeth Rist is creating a “5 minute face” routine for us – so we can ready faster.

Health & Wellness 

This month we are going to talk about how to build lean muscle, which foods you’re going to want to eat as the cold weather comes on, scary thyroid symptoms you may not know about, we’ll have yoga videos that can help us all work on our breathing and flexibility, and learn how to use a foam roller. We’re also looking into pre- and post-biotics. There is always something interesting to read about our general wellness, too. For instance, we have articles coming up on how your brain works differently in winter, and midlife positivity, just to name a couple.

Career & Business/Second Acts

Is it sacrifice or is it suffering? We take a look at what we are willing to do for our professional lives. Danielle Dayries is going to share with us how you get past those applicant tracking systems when applying for a new job, and in addition to articles on how and what to do for your second act, we talk about the retirement reality for women.

Travel, Food and More

Our travel writers are hard at work, preparing to share some tempting destinations with you. We’ll be whipping up some recipes – both indulgent and good for you. Sommelier Tricia Conover is going to tell us what she knows about champagne, just in time to be thinking about the holidays. (Already?!)

Now, if you were tied up during September, let me catch you up on our most-read articles.

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