Prime Pick: You’ll Want to Live in These Jeans

Prime Pick Mott and Bow Jeans

So this is a bit different than our typical prime picks, where you ask and we answer. You haven’t asked this question, but trust us-you’re going to want to know the answer.

When we write our fashion and beauty recommendations, we prefer to buy-and-try before suggesting the products, or we’ve heard word of mouth testimonials, and/or researched a ton before presenting them to you. A few months ago we were contacted by Mott & Bow about trying some of their jeans and everyone in the Prime Women office received a pair. We get a lot of these offers from brands, wanting us to collaborate and share their product with our audience. We pass on most. Either the quality isn’t there, or it’s just not appropriate for our audience.

The reason I say all this is because every one of us in the Prime Women office are completely, ecstatically in love with our Mott & Bow jeans. We each picked a pair that suited our taste and comfort, and we’ll never look at our other jeans the same! They’re comfortable, don’t ride up, have just the right amount of stretch, made from beautiful textiles.

We’re happy to announce that we are able to offer you, our lovely audience, a 15% discount on your first order! Not only that, there’s other perks to purchasing, which is one of the reasons we love Mott & Bow. For example, every friend that you recommend gets 20% off their first order, and you get a $25 bonus!

About Mott & Bow

Their story is a big part of why we all love our Mott & Bow jeans. Their mission, from the start, was about getting the product to the purchaser as affordable as possible, being close to their production sources and using hand-applied techniques. This is a business model that many of the newer brands, like Everlane, are embracing. The result is a luxury pair of jeans at a reasonable price per pair.

They’re also changing the game in shopping online, as they will send you a pair of jeans in a different size alongside the pair you purchased. When they arrive, you check which pair fits better, keep the one you like, and then return the other for free.

Below are the pairs we tried, and think you will adore, also. Just use the code PRIME15 to get your discount!

Mott and Bow Womens Jeans

One reviewer said, “I took a total chance on these jeans – I’ve been afraid to try white because I always thought they were generally unflattering. BUT these jeans are soooo flattering, chic and not see through. Highly recommend!”

One reviewer said, “I have never EVER put on a pair of jeans and have them fit. I love them!!! Being 64 and wanting to look fun and classy is the case with these jeans. Can’t wait to wear them. Thanks Mott & Bow for thinking of us moms in a very cool way! OOXX.”

One reviewer said, “Over the years I have tried many brand name jeans (and a few generic pairs as well) and never before have i pulled on a pair of jeans and knew they were perfect even before I zipped them up … AND hello I took a size smaller than usual … high waist, long skinny end at the ankle perfection .. i will be buying another pair and telling all my friends .. oh and the price? Perfect as well.”

Here’s a really cool video about the production of the jeans!


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