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Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Use Lipstick to Whiten Teeth Naturally

We all want to have whiter teeth, but dentists say that whitening toothpaste is too harsh for everyday use. So what's a coffee-loving-gal like me supposed to do? We have the answer to: "How to Whiten Teeth Naturally", and it may surprise you! Have you ever noticed some shades seem… Read more

Books and TV

Sandy’s Selections: Good New Books to Read This Fall

New releases are out, and if you are looking for good books to read, you're in luck! You might as well call this the Female Empowerment book list. If they're not written by women, they are written about women, from Steve Job's daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, to a re-imagining of Homer's… Read more


Think Happy, Be Happy

Our thoughts are central to our character. They determine our emotions, how we react to the world in tragedy or in celebration, and how we live mentally, physically, and spiritually. In other words, our deepest thoughts and outlook on the world can directly impact our well-being and our daily lives… Read more


5 Good Reasons to Try Tai Chi

Tai Chi originated in China over 2,000 years ago. Its fluid movements and slow pace keep the body flexible by allowing the body's "chi" to move freely and without restrictions. Chi is the universal energy that flows throughout the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered the life force… Read more

Personal Growth

Editor’s Note: October Treats

Hello, everyone! How was your September? We have been working on some exciting programs that will be rolling out soon - like our weight management program trial. Thank you to those  who have volunteered to participate! Now, we have all sorts of treats lined up for you in October. Fashion… Read more

Leadership Growth

Get Inspired: 5 Ways to Beat Career Burnout

After spending a decade or more building a solid career, you’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle of your industry. Your friends admire you, your colleagues respect you and your superiors have even higher expectations for you. But somehow you no longer feel inspired. The determination that got you to this… Read more


October Fashion Agenda

October 1st: International Coffee Day Brown is the Black for Fall & Winter Fashion in 2018. It's softer, and comes in a variety of shades from dark chocolate to caramels. The western trend has also influenced this move from black to brown this season. As much as we love the… Read more

Vacation Homes

Incomparable Jackson Hole

There are few places on earth that can match Jackson Hole for beauty, majesty, and pure escape from the world. In fact, Jackson Hole tops Barron’s list of America’s Best Retreats and for good reasons. Barron’s sites things like: 1. Low property taxes (Wyoming property taxes tend to total about… Read more