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Expert Tips On Long Hair for Women Over 50

This big question is often asked. Now that I'm over 50, can I wear long hair? The answer is: YES! Most definitely! The key to long hair for women over 50 is how healthy your hair is. No matter the colour - brunette, blonde, auburn... I do truly believe, even… Read more

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Detour Through Slovenia: Dragons, Caves and Castles

Even nowadays, it is still possible to explore Slovenian wonders without too many crowds. While one encounters a few buses filled with tourists in the most popular places, there are nevertheless many picturesque towns and sites to enjoy peacefully during your Slovenia travel. Landscapes change drastically, from the lush mountains… Read more

Personal Growth

Editor’s Note: What’s Hot and Happening in June

Welcome to June! It's drifting into the 100 degree range in Dallas, Texas this coming week. Trust me, we are not looking forward to a long summer of this! But we have plenty of distractions ahead. While things are heating up outside, we are working on some hot topics for… Read more


Can Mapping Your DNA Help You Diet?

“DNA your diet.” It sounds great, doesn’t it? Swap a little spit for a personalized diet plan based on your DNA that will get you to your goal weight in record time—and keep you there. But can a DNA diet test reveal the foods most likely to make us gain… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Reveal Your Sexiest Summer Skin

Sponsored Post Summer brings warm weather, sunny days and more outdoor activity, which means  more environmental exposure. Here are some tips to help naturally maintain your inner and outer glow and to reveal your healthiest (and sexiest) summer skin! For Smoother Skin Exfoliate Dry, dead skin cells can build up… Read more

Books and TV

Why the Critics Got it Wrong on The Book Club Movie

A group of us Prime Women over 50, actually over 60 and some over 70 went to see The Book Club this past weekend. And despite what the critics say, it was an enjoyable laugh-filled hour or so filled with what women our age deal with on a regular basis… Read more

Personal Growth

Let the Dots Connect Through the Next Stage of Life

Several years ago, shortly after I moved to Dallas, a psychologist who served on the board of directors of the non-profit I’d gone to work for, said to me, “You have simply grown where you’re planted.” I’d never really given much thought to that, yet looking back throughout my life… Read more

Featured Women

The Story of Leigh Richardson: From Trauma to Badass Mama

When Leigh Richardson’s twin boys were in the second grade, her world was shaken. While crossing the street one day, one of her sons was hit by a car, and her other son saw it happen. After recovering from a concussion and trauma as a result, her son appeared to… Read more