Think Differently: It’s the Year to Eat Your Toad

think differently

It’s a new year and, as with every new year, we begin hoping it will be better than the old year. We are going to think differently, act differently  and make a real difference in our work life, our family life and/or our personal life.

However, we have to remember that old definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results. Here is one new habit that you can get into that will make a positive difference in whatever aspect of your life you apply it.

Eat your toad for breakfast.

We are not talking about elegant frog legs in a wine sauce in your favorite French restaurant. Here, ‘toad’ and the idea of eating it represents a task, job or duty that is distinctly unappealing. Having it for breakfast means doing it first.

Most of us keep calendars or to-do lists, so we know what it is that we have to do. The trick is to practice reverse procrastination. Think differently. Do not put off doing the hard stuff. Do it first. Pick your least favorite item on tomorrow’s to-do list and put it at the top. Then, first thing in the morning, get it done. And first means first.

Do not check your incoming messages. They are what other people want you to do. To be more successful in your business, professional or personal life, you need to look after what is most important to you first.

Do not let lower (and easier) priorities get in the way. The early morning may be a good time to contact more easterly time zones, but not before that toad is swallowed. A messy kitchen may be pulling you out of your home office, but getting the office chore done is more important – unless the kitchen situation has become bad enough that it is the toad at the top of your list.

Toads can appear in all aspects of our lives. They can change from day to day. Sometimes they are work related.  Sometimes some family duty comes first. There are times when getting a workout in is the biggest challenge, so that comes first. Thank heaven for 24 hour fitness centers!

The reward comes immediately once that toad is gulped down. You have finished the worst that day has to offer. If you can think differently and do that, you can certainly tackle the rest of your day. You are positive, productive, efficient, effective and at the top of your game. Look out world!

But, this is the real world and, even in 2017, stuff happens. What do you do when something beyond your control gets between you and your toad?  Make sure it is really something out of your control. Maybe you or a family member get sick. Maybe a very dear friend shows up in town for only one day. Look after yourself. Look after your family. Enjoy your friend’s company. Today you will not have that big toad to eat. However, you want to make sure you do not break your new habit that has been helping to make your new year better. So, catch that toad that almost hopped away and put it on the top of tomorrow’s to-do list.

Make this your best year ever!


By Roslyn Kunin for Prime Women magazine