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Build a Social Media Branding Strategy: A Guide to Social Media Platforms

Social media has, no doubt, solidified its place in the marketing communications mix, but knowing and applying that fact are two entirely different things. Within the larger omni-channel marketing mix, social media can seem trivial and even cursory. However, as short-lived as a post, Tweet, or Snapchat may appear, and… Read more

Food and Wine

Beyond the Vineyard: Discovering Spanish Cider

Ask just about anyone who has recently returned from Spain to describe their favorite part of the trip. Local wines will usually be near the top of the list. On a recent drive through northern Spain’s Asturias region, I discovered sidra natural, or Spanish cider, another beloved national drink I… Read more


Wardrobe Essentials: Choosing a Handbag that Makes Sense

I was in the doctor's office the other day with a sore elbow and shoulder. It was a mystery really, until my doctor leaned over and picked up my purse to move it out of a chair. You should have seen the look she shot me. You see, I call… Read more


Stealthy In Flight Exercises to Prevent DVT and Travel Health Issues

Be it globetrotting wonderlust, exotic vacations or family celebrations, summer beckons travel. Since time and convenience are paramount, there’s most likely a flight and flight connections to your destination, but hours in the air can leave you vulnerable to a myriad of health issues such as DVT, muscle stiffness and… Read more

Career Maker

3 Job Interview Tips to Use When Facing a Younger Interviewer

With an aging population and company downsizing, there is a good chance that an older, more experienced job seeker will interview with a younger boss. This job interview dynamic has challenges, but carefully thought out, the interaction results can be successful. A good start is understanding their concerns and counteracting… Read more

Featured Destinations

Visiting Santa Monica for a Perfect Summer Getaway

The seemingly endless rains of Seattle and Portland. Dallas and Phoenix's encroaching heat. New York and Atlanta's oppressive humidity and bugs—or Chicago or Boston's blizzards. Wherever you're from, there are times of the year when you seek an escape from your usual climate, a place where you can embrace the… Read more

Home Decor

Balancing Act: Insider Tips for Decorating a Space with Personality

Some people find it challenging to pull a room together in a way that feels balanced and makes a statement. Here are a few tips for decorating you can follow to create your own WOW factor, like a pro. One thing I always pay close attention to in a space… Read more

Leadership Growth

Step 6 of 8 to Join a Board of Directors: Corporate Governance Education

Nurture and support yourself during this time of change as you transition to your first board of director’s seat. You’re going to be a director of a company; you may need more information for this new role or become more current with regulations and governance trends. Commit to investing in… Read more

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