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Time to Get Back to Nature with Pantone Color of the Year 2017

Remember that hike you took in the mountains or that cross country adventure in the woods? How about that leisurely walk in the tall grass while you absorbed the fragrances of nature and gazed at the beautiful greenery? It all seemed so familiar. If you happen to be a baby-boomer,… Read more

Career Maker

Overqualified for a Job? Just Simplify

Does Your Resume Match the Job You are Pursuing? If you have been told that you appear overqualified for a job position or that your resume may be just a tad overwhelming for the job you are pursuing, it’s time to simplify. If your resume appears to showcase you in… Read more

Food and Wine

Discover 8 American Craft Whiskeys

By Courtney Quinn and Tricia Conover for Prime Women magazine Take a walk in any major U.S. city and you'll see restaurant signs stating "Eat Local," "Farm-to-Table," and "Fresh Local Ingredients." Have you ever considered how to drink local? Whiskey and Bourbon are made across America with distillers utilizing grains,… Read more

Food and Wine

A Regal Olive Oil Cake Recipe from Nancy Silverton’s New Cookbook

Olive oil cake? Sounds pretty unusual to some, but you'll find it on many a dessert menu in Mediterranean climates. Don't let its rustic appearance fool you; this earthy version crowned with wisps of rosemary is packed with rich flavors of fresh orange, plump raisins, toasted pine nuts and elegant… Read more

Finding Balance

Think Differently: It’s the Year to Eat Your Toad

It’s a new year and, as with every new year, we begin hoping it will be better than the old year. We are going to think differently, act differently  and make a real difference in our work life, our family life and/or our personal life. However, we have to remember… Read more


Tips for Starting a Fitness Regimen in 2017

This month is all about fresh starts, clean slates, and setting intentions. If exercise is on your radar but you’re not sure where to begin, these tips will take you to the starting line and have you ready to score the win this year. Whether you’ve started and stopped before,… Read more


Strengthen Your Willpower with These 5 Tips

Find Will Power When He’s Not in the House Yep, it’s true. I’m not proud of it but I did it. I ate 12 Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcakes over the holidays. They showed up in 2 separate six packs, spaced a week apart. I wanted each and every little red… Read more

Featured Women

Featured Women: Kaleta A. Doolin, Artist and Philanthropist

Kaleta A. Doolin is an artist of sculpture, book arts and video. She is also a philanthropist, working to create equal representation for women in the arts through museum acquisitions and public programs. “We need more solo shows for women. We must broaden the public dialogue. Most people don’t understand how… Read more

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