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Food and Wine

Ales or Stouts – A Question for Craft Beer Lovers

The craft beer question: Stouts, or ales? “No contest,” says Katie, “Stout. Hands down.” “What?” says Ellen, “Ale – there are so many varieties, from Brown Ales to Blonde IPAs.” Tricia smiles, “Neither. Give me a dry red wine anytime.” Stacey, though, is thoughtful, “Either. Both. All.” And so begins… Read more


12 Medical Tests for Women Over 50

Ladies, when it comes to your well-being, be proactive! Eat right, stay active, avoid tobacco and have the following medical tests for women over 50 run to determine the state of your health. Doing so can help diagnose life-threatening diseases before damage or disabilities occur. If caught early, changes to your… Read more


Modern Kimonos: Latest Fashion Trend

Modern kimonos hit the fashion scene a couple of years ago. At first, you were more likely to see young women wearing them as a cover up at the beach, but may have thought of them more as a robe than a kimono. When you did see someone wearing a… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

3 Solutions for Fading Eyebrows

As we get older, we can fall victim to fading eyebrows as they get lighter or turn gray. We might have plucked out a few here and there, but it's not a good idea, as we will wind up with none! So, what are the options for defining brows, covering… Read more

Food and Wine

Crostini Recipe with Roasted Vegetables and Smoked Mozzarella

Searching for a delicious crostini recipe? Try this easy roasted vegetables and smoked mozzarella crostini. They make perfect hors d’oeuvres or a light lunch, are easy to make and always delicious. Pick up the roasted vegetables at a deli so all that is left to do is assemble and pop them… Read more


Hormone Imbalance: The Causes and How to Manage Them

Quite often when we think about hormone imbalance in menopause we think about low estrogen and other female hormone imbalances. I’ve seen thousands of women and prescribed bioidentical hormones for them. These are hormones that have the same chemical structure as those that the body makes; therefore, they are metabolized… Read more

Money & Finance

Are Stocks About to Crash? Build Your “House of Security”

The major U.S. stock averages achieved record levels in the first few months after the election of Donald Trump. Predictably, those gains spurred the inevitable warnings that we are in a “bubble” and a huge crash is sure to follow. The internet, and probably your email inbox, are full of… Read more

Books and TV

8 TV Shows to Binge Watch: From Costume Drama to Adult Animated Series

There are so many resources available now for watching TV shows - network channels, premium cable, streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime - it's not surprising that some of us are missing out on great television. There is simply too much to weed through. Having stumbled on some… Read more

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