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The National Hunt Festival, Cheltenham Races

With things perking up in the weather department, spring and summer is when events such as horse racing, boating, tennis at Wimbledon and polo matches take place. They are huge fun, fast and fabulous events, but without attention to detail and some planning and preparation they could descend into disaster!  So, to be sure things run as smoothly as possible, it’s important to do your research as there is a strict dress code for each event. Make sure you buy the right tickets so that you can access all areas, enclosures and eat at the best tables.

The National Hunt Festival, Cheltenham Races – Since 1860, the climax of the jump racing season is where all the best horses from Britain and Ireland race over 4 days and set in the most beautiful natural amphitheatre in the world of sport.  A lot of posing until closing goes on at this event – mainly ladies trying to outdo each other on the style front.

Cheltenham Races (The National Hunt Festival): 10th – 13th March

Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire

What to wear – Smart/casual – with a hint of glamour.

Cheltenham Race - 1

Women – Tweed is everywhere, but with a twist; dark greens, mustards and browns work best but elegance and decorum are key. Think cashmere, rich velvety fabrics, and of course fur, in the way of coats, wraps or even just trimmings. Hats are a must, trilbies*, again with a twist, plumage, maybe a pheasant* feather or two tucked into the ribbon! Add a splash of colour with your accessories, bright silk scarves or bright leather gloves.

Cheltenham Race -2Cheltenham Race - 3

Men – Again tweed, think shooting suit, Barbour* coats and trilbies, waistcoats etc.

When to go – The best days are Ladies day and Gold Cup day. Take in an aerial view of the Cheltenham Gold Cup course with former horse racing jockey Tony McCoy.

How to arrive – By helicopter or you will get stuck in the car park for hours on end.

Which area to be in – Try Chez Roux*, a 2 Michelin star restaurant or be invited into a private box.

Do’s – Read up on who is racing and the times.

Don’ts – Dress like you are going to Ascot.

Happy Racing and tune in for more social events!

Updated 5/21/2015



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