Maple Mustard Pork Chops
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Maple Mustard Pork Chops Recipe

Spring is here, and if you are like me, I am beginning to get into a summer slowdown mode. What that means to “Betty” is easier recipes taking less time, with an eye on keeping the calories down. This week, I have two recipes which take little time and preparation. The results are a delicious meal. For the main course, try Maple Mustard Pork Chops served with Boiled Asparagus dressed up with Balsamic Vinegar and Parmesan. Pair your main course with a Prosecco cocktail.

Serving for 2

Maple Mustard Pork Chops

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

2 (5 Oz.) Boneless Pork Chops

Salt and pepper to taste

Maple Mustard Sauce

½ Cup Chicken Broth

1 ½ tablespoon Maple Syrup

½ tablespoon Dijon Mustard

1 teaspoon cornstarch

1 tablespoon Dill for Garnish

1. Heat oil in a medium skillet at medium high heat. Season the pork with salt and pepper. Add the chops in the hot pan and cook until golden brown, about 2 minutes per side.

2. In a small bowl, whisk together the sauce ingredients until the cornstarch dissolves. Add to pork, bring to a simmer until the pork is just cooked through and the sauce has thickened, about 5 minutes.

3. Remove from the heat and serve. Sprinkle with the dill.

Boiled Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar

1/2 pound asparagus

1 tablespoon Butter and 1 tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar

2 tablespoon Parmesan Cheese

1. Prepare the Asparagus by washing and pop off the woody stem at the bottom of the asparagus. Use a large skillet so the asparagus will lay evenly in the pan. Add enough salted water to cover the asparagus and bring to a rolling boil. Place the asparagus in the pan and cook uncovered for 4 minutes.

2. Drain and place asparagus on a cloth towel and scatter ice cubes on top.

3. In the same pan, heat butter over medium high heat. When hot, stir in vinegar. Add the asparagus back into the pan to coat and warm the asparagus for serving (about 2 minutes). Do not overcook to keep the asparagus crisp. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Glenda Kemple
“Being Betty”



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