Advice and tips on home decorating, cleaning and organizing, even art and design.

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Advice and tips on home decorating, cleaning and organizing, even art and design.

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Self-Reliance: Preparing for the Next Time

I was raised in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Every day, as we looked west toward the towering Rocky Mountains, we were reminded of who the Boss is. N... Read More
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5 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Retirement

Getting your home ready for retirement is as much a part of retirement planning as your investment portfolio! A comfortable and functional home will s... Read More
homeowner's insurance after a tornado
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Can You Prepare for When Disaster Strikes?

It is happening more and more — weather events that leave you with a damaged home (or in my case a totaled home). But can you prepare for a natural ... Read More
aging in place
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13 Home Improvement Tips for Aging in Place

I have vowed to live to be 130. Crazy, I know. And I want to do so and continue to live in my own home, often called aging in place. So I’m always o... Read More
herbs for stress and anxiety
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8 Indoor Gardening Herbs for Better Food & Health

Why should you consider indoor herb gardening as a new resolution for 2020? Herbs not only enrich the taste of all the food we eat, but they are also ... Read More
panasonic homehawk
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Give the Gift of Safety with Panasonic HomeHawk

Sponsored Post When you think of the best thing you can give a loved one is peace of mind on the list? With the new Panasonic HomeHawk you can do j... Read More
the best planners can help you be organized and succesful
Organization and Tips

Prime Women Team Picks: Best Planners and Journals

Picking a planner is like selecting a car - there are lot of different models to choose from, but the overall formula stays the same. People feel just... Read More
What is an Estate Sale
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I Hosted an Estate Sale: Here’s What You Need to Know

Letting go is a very hard thing to do, but thanks to all the wonderful memories that I focused on taking with me, leaving things behind became a lot e... Read More
property auctions
Organization and Tips

Personal Property Auctions: Pros and Cons

Downsizing and dispersing estate personal property can be challenging. In this series of four articles I have attempted to give you readers informatio... Read More
fancy tea cups
Organization and Tips

Estate Sale Tips: Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro?

Knowledge IS power. Part of my mission as a professional appraiser and estate sale representative has been to provide knowledge so my clients can make... Read More
home décor
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Antiques & Collectibles Revitalize Your Office or Home Décor

We tend to enter each new year with renewed vigor, renewed inspiration and a new vision for the year. Why not consider how you can revitalize, invigor... Read More
interior design trends
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5 Interior Design Trends to Update Your Home in 2018

There's nothing like the feeling that comes with adding some new elements to your home decor to make you feel optimistic. Even little things can brigh... Read More