Try one of our truly unique recipes or read the latest on food and wine pairings, new vineyards to visit and restaurants to try when traveling.

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Try one of our truly unique recipes or read the latest on food and wine pairings, new vineyards to visit and restaurants to try when traveling.

how to create a signature dish
Food and Wine

How To Find Your Signature Dish Before Thanksgiving

With more people choosing to entertain at home lately, I find myself uttering the phrase, "What can I bring?" quite often. Usually, I'll offer dessert... Read More
Food and Wine

Craving Autumn Flavors? Try These Healthier Fall Treats

Do you feel the slight chill in the air? September is here and we are easing into a new season.  Time to say farewell to summer and embrace the a... Read More
Summer Wine Subscriptions You'll Want to Try Now
Food and Wine

Summer Wine Subscriptions You’ll Want to Try Now

While many things in our lives have been upended this year, one thing remains in place — our love for wine! And that love becomes even stronger when... Read More
protein breakfast muffins
Food and Wine

Hearty Protein Breakfast Muffins

Here at PrimeWomen, we're always on the lookout for a quick breakfast that is high in nutrition. These hearty protein breakfast muffins will keep yo... Read More
Food and Wine

Best Organic Wines

It seems like nowadays you can find organic vegetables,  fruits, and even organic mac & cheese, but have you tried organic wine? Organic wine... Read More
Food and Wine

Texas Wineries: Open for Business

The countryside in Texas has never looked this beautiful. Is it, perhaps, the unseasonable amount of rain this year? More likely, the rural beauty of ... Read More
2020 girl scout cookies
Food and Wine

Making a Difference for the Girl Scouts and the Wine Industry

A few weeks ago, before the Coronavirus scourge, we at Prime Women, thought it would be fun to do a Girl Scout cookie and wine pairing video. Many of ... Read More
Food and Wine

Wineries and the Coronavirus Crisis: How You Can Help

It’s not unusual to see emails, notices, and special online offers from local and national USA businesses this week. All businesses, including the w... Read More
vegan cheese
Food and Wine

Road Test: Vegan Cheese

We doubt that we’ll ever give up real cheese. We love it on pizza, crackers, between slabs of bread, and generously grated on pasta. At the same tim... Read More
French pastries
Food and Wine

Kouign-Amann: Heaven-Sent Pastry

 A Tiny Cake with a Big Flavor What the heck is a kouign-amann — pronounced 'queen a-mahn'?  Well, it's not a question I would have  known to as... Read More
Food and Wine

Shrub Cocktails: Drink to Better Health!

I first learned about shrub cocktails from a book I purchased while on a family vacation in Amsterdam. We went on a genever spirits (a juniper-flavore... Read More
extra virgin olive oil
Food and Wine

The Chef’s Secret to Better Food

A dish finished with high quality, current vintage Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can completely transform a diner’s experience. Chef de Cuisine Nate... Read More