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Stylish Glasses for Women Over 50: Step Up Your Eyewear Game

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Glasses haven’t always been something that we think about, much less rely upon to make a statement. But, if you use stylish glasses for women as a statement you wear on your face, you say a lot about the woman behind the lenses…. stylish, appropriate, playful? 

“Statement glasses” may make you think of more eccentric types, like Iris Apfel. But every woman is a statement woman. So live it loud, and take a chance. It doesn’t take much to achieve this look with a splash of color or find a classic shape updated with modern appeal. It’s on trend to go big and flaunt your stylish intelligence.

Mission-centricity has also become something embraced by a few brands, but style is still the theme of the day. Direct online vendors offering stylish glasses for women have created some healthy competition in the market that finally benefits the wearer. Some are so affordable that you’ll be switching out your glasses on a daily basis, like jewelry, styling every look from brunch to the boardroom.

Our Favorite Places to find Stylish Glasses for Women

Check out these options for online ordering for readers, prescription and non-prescription options, plus plenty of sunglasses! 


Most eyewear options make it feel like wearing glasses is a punishment or something to keep as discreet as possible. But quite frankly, there’s nothing discreet about something that sits in the center of your face. For 20 years, Eyebobs has been helping people go from “No way I could pull that off” to “Yes. You. Can.”


If you want to ‘try on’ your glasses before ordering them, Zenni is the place to go. Their option to virtually try out frames allows you to shop with confidence. With additional options, including Blokz blue-light-blocking glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, flexible kids’ glasses, and safety glasses, why limit yourself to just one pair? 


At the onset of online eyewear shopping, the co-founders of Readers sought to reimagine the way reading glasses were bought and sold on the internet. They aspired to create a convenient place where customers could shop online for the eyewear they needed without sacrificing affordability or superior customer service — a common tradeoff other companies were making. You’ll find quality and affordability in one location. 


When we think of Lenscrafters, most of us think of an in-store shopping experience. However, you can get the same experience online in just a few simple steps with the help of their experts to find the best frames for you. 


When you think of Ray-Bans, you might think they only specialize in sunglasses, but they have a wide selection of glasses as well in a variety of styles and colors. It was hard to choose our favorites, but here they are to give you some inspiration. 


GlassesShop offers eyewear with mass appeal. Their selection of glasses frames is based on how they will affect the appearance of the wearer because they know that many people like
to wear fashion eyeglasses as a style accessory, not only for vision correction.


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