5 Easy Vacation Hair Tips to Keep You Looking Gorgeous

Vacation is when you leave your cares behind. Forget about the stresses of daily life and relax, play, eat, drink and rest. While you’re having all that fun, you want to look your best – but not have to spend too much time fussing with your hair. We have you covered with these hair tips and tricks.

First, you spend too much on hair color and maintenance to let the sun and surf fade it. Protect it with masques and leave in conditioners that protect from UV light.

  • Don’t bake away your color in the sun and surf. Protect it with a masque. Oribe’s Beautiful Color Masque, like anything in the Beautiful Color family, has multiple layers of UV protection. Apply after a day on the beach or put it in before getting in the ocean/pool or lake.
  • Moisturize your hair and protect it from thermal heat. Supershine Moisture Cream is a leave in conditioner that has UV filters and crushed pearls for shine. A pea sized amount worked through the mid lengths and ends is all you need.
  • High Dive is just what you need after too much sun, salt and chlorine. This leave in conditioner gives great moisture, defrizzes and protects from UV rays and thermal heat.

Second, you’re on vacation. Let your hair be on vacation too. There are great sprays and “lotions” that will give you a no-fuss beach style. Let your hair air dry and create waves and texture.

  • As an “after” beach spray, perfect for wavy hair that needs a little more, try Apres Beach. It gives piecey separation, a slight hold and oils to nourish. Be sure to spray this INTO the hair and not just ON the hair.
  • Want the beachy look without spending the day on the beach? Matte Waves “lotion” gives sandy/salty texture to your hair without any of the drying salts. It nourishes while texturizing the hair.
  • A soft wave spray, Sail gives light texture without any salts. Spray into damp hair on top of High Dive or Twister and define your waves.

Third, instead of washing every day (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway – refer to my previous post) use dry shampoo or paste.

  • Dry shampoos are a must for travel. Gold Lust Dry Shampoo has treatment benefits for the scalp (chamomile and lavender) as well as oil absorbers and silk fibers to soften. Great to refresh your hair after having a hat on!
  • Badlands is a dry shampoo paste. Take a small, dime size amount and break down in fingers. Work it through roots for instant volume, texture and oil absorbsion. Blast with your dryer to break down texture if necessary

Fourth, if you are at the beach or lake, or anywhere that humidity reigns, better grab some anti-frizz products so your hair stays smooth and well-behaved.

  • Fight the frizz. Impermeable is an ANTI humidity spray and a MUST for anyone in humid locations or where there is moisture in the air. It works as a very light hold hairspray but creates a vail on the hair to protect it from frizzing. This spray is Miami tested and actually means “raincoat” in French.
  • Speed up your blow dry and fight the frizz of even the tightest curls with Straight Away. It’s the perfect blow out cream, nourishing, adding thermal protection and smoothing.
  • A curl primer great for anyone with curly/wavy hair. Twister primes and defines the curls, giving moisture and protecting from frizz. Couples great with Sail.

Fifth, be ready for anything.

  • Get rid of unwanted odors in your hair with Cote d’ Azur Hair Refresher. Think of this as hair Febreeze! While it whisks away unwanted aromas, it also cuts static. This is also great for refreshing clothes that have been trapped in a suitcase.
  • One Prep Spray is a lightweight primer to lightly nourish, even porosity and thermal protect. Great to mist on after the days activities to reactivate the product or existing texture.
  • If you can’t get into your stylist before or after your vacation, use a convenient sized Air Brush Root Touch Up Spray to cover any greys or re-growth while also absorbing oils.

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