Gua Sha – The Ultimate At-Home Facial

Gua Sha - The Ultimate At Home Facial

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You may have heard of gua sha but may not be aware of the benefits for skin and overall health. The technique has been around since the Ming Dynasty and is over 700 years old. It was used mainly by Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, but gua sha has recently gained traction as a beauty technique. Gua sha has stood the test of time for good reason and is sure to promise benefits, but what are they?

We tested the ultimate facial gua sha kit from Wildling, the Empress Collection, to see for ourselves what all the fuss is about.

What is gua sha?

The traditional Chinese medicine practice of gua sha is not as intimidating as it sounds. It’s simply using a flat, rounded tool and oil to massage the face or body. The word “gua” means scraping, and the word “sha” means sand. If you have ever seen images of gua sha on the body, it can cause dramatic red marks that are startling and look similar to cupping. Gua sha on the face is very different, and the technique should be so gentle that it should never cause redness.

Why should I practice gua sha?

Practicing gua sha on your face regularly has proven to lift, tone, plump, and de-puff the skin. Using the oil and stone in tandem to massage the face, this treatment relaxes the muscles, encourages lymphatic drainage, and smooths the connective tissue (fascia) that contributes to wrinkles. It does this while simultaneously promoting healthy blood flow in your face.

In fact, some studies have shown that gua sha can increase the circulation in your face by 400%.

Some people find it so effective that they opt for gua sha over Botox. Facial gua sha has the power to tone and lift your face via upward strokes that relax muscles and help promote healthy lymphatic drainage in the tissues.

What tools do I need?

All you need is a gua sha tool, oil, and about 10 minutes.

The patented gua sha stone designed by Wildling is 100% Bian stone. This healing stone was created when a meteor struck a mountain in ancient China, and it has been used for its healing properties ever since. Bian is a medicinal crystal that is said to not only provide healing for the skin but also for a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Empress Stone

We are obsessed with the Empress Oil from Wilding because the ingredients maximize the benefits of gua sha. This plumping oil has the perfect blend of organic ingredients to provide the perfect slip for gua sha, and it nourishes the skin deeply. Though this oil is intended for use with the stone, it is also an oil that you will find yourself loving for daily use as well.

Empress Oil by Wildling for Facial Gua Sha

Wildling encourages you to mist the skin with a tonic before applying oil for maximum hydration. Their Empress Tonic helps to hydrate your face and prepare for the gua sha treatment. It is made from fresh-pressed plant waters that will hydrate and plump the skin.

Empress Tonic

How do I do it?

Once you’re familiar with the practice, gua sha is an easy thing to do and takes less than 10 minutes. You can follow Wildling on Instagram or on their website for detailed tutorials to make you feel like a pro.

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is wash your face because this practice should be started with clean skin.

Step 2: Following your cleansing, apply the Empress Tonic. This serves as an activator that gets your skin ready for treatment. Hydrated skin more readily absorbs oil.

Step 3: Once the tonic has been applied, now it’s time for the Empress Oil. This oil is what helps to boost circulation in your skin while also plumping it. The oil allows the stone to glide smoothly across your face, and you shouldn’t feel any friction.

Step 4: Now it’s time to bring out the star of the show, the Empress Stone. This stone is made up of 40 trace minerals that are needed for optimal health, and the different sides of the stone provide different purposes:

U-edge. This part of the stone is intended for use on the jaw, cheekbones, brow bones, and the back of your neck.

Comb edge. This part of the stone is best for use on the flat parts of your face.

Short edge. This part of the stone is what you’ll use for any work done under the eyes.

Pointed tip. This part of the stone is for getting rid of tension in the areas of your face that feel the tensest.

Long edge. This part of the stone is best for the front and sides of your neck, as well as under your cheekbones — areas that require long strokes.

Wilding Kit

Gua-Sha The Ultimate At-Home Facial


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