Stop Trying to Look Younger: 5 Ways to Look Fabulous After 60

Looking great doesn't mean looking younger than your age. Here are 5 ways to look fabulous that don't require trying to turn back the clock.
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One evening I was out to dinner with my husband. It was a higher-end restaurant, so the patrons were well-dressed and quietly enjoying an intimate meal. As I was sipping a cocktail, in walked a beautifully elegant woman, most likely in her 70s. She nearly took my breath away with her simple, black pencil dress and silver hair loosely pinned up. Her stride was confident and crisp as she moved toward her table. I watched her in awe. She seemed like a leader, a pioneer in her field, a treasure trove of experiences, and all of this from my first impression. In that moment, I set a new personal goal for aging well. Did she look younger than her years? Not necessarily, but she was top-shelf, far from average, and beyond expectation for a mature woman: classic clothes, seemingly no expensive attempts at reversing the clock, just unadulterated, confident beauty.

So, what made her different?

This woman was an absolute knock-out, and here were my quick observations as to what was so strikingly different from most women in their 70s. She walked tall, without reservation, and seemingly pain-free. Her posture was incredible and legitimately took years off of her “look.” When you compare that to most women or most people in their 70s, they seem to shrink away, walk with pain, and unconfidently ease their way into things. I’ve thought so much about that moment in the years since that I’ve compiled my own list of how to look fabulous after 60 without trying to look younger, and it comes down to these 5 most important things:

  • Muscle and Flexibility
  • Posture, Gate, and Stride
  • Weight Maintenance
  • Skincare
  • Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe

Each of these things can either age you or bring youth and vibrance. The importance of tending to every aspect is the difference between a youthful countenance and succumbing to old age. Always ask yourself, “Am I putting in the work, or am I spending more time looking for quick fixes and shortcuts?” The differences you can make toward looking fabulous will be remarkable when you put in the time and dedication to a fresh, healthier perspective!

1. Muscle & Flexibility

Muscle and Flexibility situps

I like to refer to the opposite of great muscle tone and flexibility as “crabby and flabby.” So, are you muscular and flexible, bringing on a sense of confidence and happiness, or are you crabby and flabby? I understand that the reduction in strength and mobility happens as we age, but there’s no reason to prescribe to the whatever happens, happens philosophy.

You can build muscle mass, no matter your age. And it’s not just about appearances; less muscle means greater weakness and less mobility, both of which may increase your risk of falls and fractures. Loss of mobility, confidence falls, and fractures don’t have to be a part of old age. Building and maintaining muscle mass through weight and resistance training will not only give you a better quality of life, but this practice will also have you looking fabulous after 60.

Ready to do something about your muscle and flexibility? Try our 5×5 Muscle Building Workout.

2. Posture, Gate, and Stride

Posture and Confidence businesswoman

These things go hand in hand with muscle development and flexibility. After all, if you’ve relegated yourself to the natural, inherent muscle loss, with no attempt to continue working to train those muscles, it will affect your posture and stride. One of the key things that was so striking about the woman I saw in the restaurant that night was that she walked tall and with confidence. Neither of these things is exactly typical of women who are in their 60s and 70s. The takeaway is that your posture and how you walk can either have you looking fabulous or have the opposite effect of aging you beyond your years.

Want to do something about your posture? Read our article Is Your Posture Aging You? for some tips and tricks on how to make improvements.

3. Weight Maintenance

Weight Maintenance Active Woman dumbbell arm workout

It goes without dispute that being long, lean, and strong will have you looking fabulous. Part of that reason is a lean, healthy weight and a strong body are not typical of what our culture’s “normal” is as we age. To be youthful without making ridiculous attempts at looking younger, it’s time to move beyond what’s typical and average. A well-maintained physique will have you both looking and feeling better. Even being mildly overweight multiplies the pressure on your joints, which means your natural tendency is to want to move less. The less you move, the less agile you become; your pain and stiffness likely increases and the effects go far beyond skin deep. Reducing your body fat can also help you sleep, and restful sleep is yet another key to looking youthful.

Read 5 Habits That Will Help You Lose Fat to get started on your fat loss journey.

4. Skincare

Skincare woman looking in the mirror

My mom always used to pride herself in the fact that she didn’t wear makeup. While I appreciate her simpler lifestyle and natural approach, one thing that she didn’t include in her routine was anything that protected or nourished her skin. I’ve always believed that, at minimum, using a tinted moisturizer with SPF will protect your skin from unnecessary sunspots and discoloration. While caked-on makeup may have an aging effect, having a good skincare routine can keep you looking amazing as you age.

Here are 5 Must-Have Benefits In Every Good Skincare Routine.

5. Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe women out shopping

While I’m no style expert, I can appreciate following or participating in trends to look the best you can at any age. While it’s true that an overly trendy look is best left to teenagers, picking aspects of modern trends to infuse into your style will ensure that you look fabulous when heading out the door. If your closet is still loaded with items from 10+ years ago, it’s time for a clean-out and time to start searching for new pieces that are current for this year.

The same is true for hairstyles and makeup. These trends are constantly changing, and sometimes they’re as subtle as how you part your hair, the amount of hairspray you’re using, or your hair length and color. Consult your hair stylist and ask what the current hair trends are. Makeup can also be tricky, but sometimes something as small as changing how you apply your eyeliner can go a long way!

Of course, refreshing your wardrobe or rethinking your style can be overwhelming. Start with How To Be Fashionably Modern And Not Be Stuck In Any Decade, and learn how to load your closet with more timeless pieces.

No matter your age or how long you’ve been stuck in your routine, there’s always an opportunity to change; often, change is for the better! 

Looking Amazing After 60 Is Possible

The best approach to looking amazing at any age is to put in thoughtfulness, hard work, and dedication. These are more valuable than any surgery or pill and will bring you health and vitality from the inside out!

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