Top 10 Game Day Essentials Under $100

It's Fall, y'all, and that means Friday night lights and Sunday Funday gatherings. Our game-day essentials under $100 will kick off the party!
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Must-Have Game Day Essentials for Sports Fun

I grew up in Texas, so I’ve had the football spirit ingrained in me since birth. In fact, I went to a high school that’s notorious for being football fanatics (think Friday Night Lights…) and a college that was equally enamored with the sport. So, I understand what it means to be game-day-ready.

There are certain essentials that make your evening much more enjoyable, from a clear purse to get through security quickly to hand warmers for cool evenings. Whether you’re planning to watch the game in person or hit up a fun tailgate party, our favorite game day essentials under $100 will help ensure a fun time. 

If you’re planning to enjoy some fall sports, make sure you show up prepared. From evening games at the ballpark to stadium-packed shenanigans, having the essentials on hand will make for a much easier and more relaxed time.